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Solomon gets support to realise his dream

Published:Saturday | August 23, 2014 | 12:00 AM
From left, Dr Bradley Edwards, Anthony Salmon and Ryan Singh. At front is Renae Knight, representing JFEP.
Solomon in Moby's Recording Studio voicing his first song, 'Mi Blind But Mi Still Believe Inna God'.-photos by Shanique Samuels
Wayne Williams (left) giving Anthony Salmon his commitment letter.

Shanique Samuels, Gleaner Writer

Solomon is blind but is determined not to allow his lack of sight to stop him from achieving his goals. He has since adapted and is living by the well-known Bible verse: 'For I walk by faith and not by sight'. Solomon, whose given name is Anthony Salmon, is 41 years old and has been blind since 2010. This was as a result of a mishap he had in primary school and, over time, a lack of proper medical attention further compounded the problem, which caused him to lose his sight gradually.

According to Solomon, he was an artiste back in the day doing secular music, but since he got saved and became a Christian, he has been having a hard time breaking into the music industry as a gospel artiste. But like manna from heaven, he has received the blessing he had been praying for and patiently awaiting. The James and Friends Education Programme (JFEP) that operates in Clarendon got wind of his struggles and decided to help.

One of the directors of the programme, Ryan Sing, who operates a recording studio at Moby's Family and Recreation Centre in May Pen, decided to record and produce a single for Solomon. An overly elated and ecstatic Solomon recorded his first gospel single entitled Mi Blind But Mi Still Believe Inna God earlier this week. It is set to be officially released in the coming weeks. A spirited Solomon told Rural Xpress that his inability to see has not limited his abilities. "Even though mi blind mi no ask nobody fi write the songs, mi meds dem and memorise dem. The day I got saved is the best thing that happened to me because people look out for me now even more."

Ryan Sing, said he was only too happy to assist. "I am looking forward to recording at least two hit singles with Solomon. I knew him long time when he was doing secular music and I knew from then that he is a good artiste."

swimming lessons

Solomon will also be given the opportunity to learn to swim at Moby's and will be trained by a competent trainer.

Solomon has fully adjusted to his situation as he has grown to accept being blind. Despite living with his elderly mother, he said he still carries out his domestic chores himself. "Regardless of me being blind, I still have a lot to give God thanks for. Mi blind but mi clean an neat inna God, mi wash, cook an eat inna God. It's not about me. Philippians 4 verse 13 says 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me' and I believe that. It's always best to trust in God."

He has also received $100,000 worth of medical check-ups from Dr Bradley Edwards at the Cutting Edge Oasis Medical Centre. Edwards said it is not by chance that Solomon was introduced to him and he is happy to render his services.

As if all that wasn't enough, Solomon will be treated to lunch from Busha's Jerk and Grill when he goes for swimming lessons at Moby's. Proprietor Wayne Williams says he will sponsor him for the duration of his sessions.

Coordinator of the JFEP, Otis James, said he couldn't let this opportunity to help Solomon pass him by. "People's position in life doesn't matter to me. I respect life and Solomon is a trying man. Despite his situation, he chooses not to go out on the road and beg like other able-bodied people but to work for his own."

An obviously grateful Solomon said, "Mi feel nice because mi love music, so mi give God thanks for the opportunity He has given me through the JFEP and Moby's." He said he is looking forward to releasing the singles and touring and promoting the word of God through his music.