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Tech Times

Published:Monday | September 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Written and compiled by Kareem LaTouche and Stephanie Lyew

Tech word/term of the week

CPU - One of the most
frequently incorrectly used terms would be CPU. It is common to hear
individuals refer to the system unit as the CPU. The CPU, or central
processing unit, is a hardware within the system unit of the computer.
It processes all the information that is entered into the computer
system, from the user software to commands. A computer can have more
than one CPU, essentially the circuits can have multiple CPUs on a
single chip.

Originally, all computers had one processor or
processing core, but most modern computers are developed with more than
one processing core or are called multi-core processors (hence the terms
dual-core or quad-core systems). Therefore, dual-core computers have
two processors and quad-core computers have four processors.

CPU's job is to acquire the commands, interpret each command (whether it
is to run a program/software and application), execute the commands and
create a feedback to the computer memory so that the software will have
a record of the activity carried out and results produced from each
command. It is more correct to use the word processor with the term CPU
interchangeably than to follow the habit of misunderstanding the usage
of CPU and system unit, or vice versa.

Tech poll of the week

How many apps do you have on your smartphone (or computer)?

a) 1-10 53%

b) 10-20 28%

c) More than 20 13%

d) Less than 5 6%

Apps this Week for Android, Apple and windows

3D Anatomy Learning for Android

The Anatomy Learning Company has released an aid for anatomy/medical students and persons in the field of medicine that will give real-time lessons and study guide. The application gives 3D images of the human body and supporting animation, quizzes, puzzles, labels and information to act as organised learning content. The 3D Anatomy Learning app is fairly new and the developers are continuously adding content. Thus, it is recommended that an external SD card is used in the Android device. The most recent update on August 25 sought to improve the user interface, users are also free to send in their suggestions and information to be added.

MedScape for Apple (iPhone)

Medscape is approximately a year old with more than four million users worldwide. Version 4.5.1 has three main tabs, that is, news, reference and education. On a whole, Medscape is a reference for information on medical news, medical calculators, diseases, medication conditions, treatments, drug formulary and their correct usage, and much more. It is more than a study aid, it is a search engine for anything medical related. The best thing about the application is it costs nothing and there is offline access. Medscape requires 12MB of internal phone memory and is optimised for iOS 7.

Medical Terminology for Windows

Everyone in the medical field will be expected to know the definition and pronunciation of medical terminology. The Audio Learn (Medical Terminology Study Guide) by iScroll Inc is a mobile collection of tapes with the recording of lessons for the medical terms medical students, nurses, doctors and all health-care personnel should be familiar with. It is easy to download and install for on-the-go study time. Windows phone users will have to purchase the application for installation to work. Though the app was published in 2012, it will not require any payment for updates for the audio recordings as it is up to date with medical terminology.