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Mixed views on 'Clarendon Safe Schools'

Published:Wednesday | September 3, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Grade-one pupil Todi-Ann Grant does class work on the opening day of the new school year on Monday.-Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer

MAY PEN, Clarendon:THE PILOT of the Clarendon Safe Schools programme got off to a smooth start in May Pen on Monday, but was met with mixed reactions. Three Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) buses transported students to the Glenmuir High, Denbigh High, and Foga Read High schools from the old police station in the capital.

The parents and students welcomed the initiative. However, the private bus owners and operators were left pondering their next move.

The roll-out was a culmination of seven months of sensitisation, liaison, and preparation between the Clarendon Parish Council and the Transport Authority.

Petra-Kene Williams, manager of communications and customer service at the Transport Authority said the authority has thrown its full support behind the initiative and will continue to work along with the Clarendon Parish Council to ensure full safety and security of the students of these high schools. "It went very well this morning. We were working with the local bus operators to provide the school transportation service, however, there were some challenges with them coming up to speed for this morning (Monday). We have brought in JUTC to partner with us temporarily until these operators have been regularised," said Williams.

She said the buses that will be providing this service regularly will be taken from the fleet of buses that have rural carriage licenses and ply the same route.