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CRASH UPDATE: French offer to help Jamaica with equipment to recover debris

Published:Saturday | September 6, 2014 | 5:54 PM
Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard vessels enroute to the crash site - JDF Photos
A photograph of the wreckage believed to be that of missing TBM 900 - JDF Photo

The Jamaica Defence Force says it has lost sight of the debris which it believed may have been from the airplane which crashed in Jamaican waters yesterday.

The JDF said the debris field was spotted yesterday, in an area about 24 nautical miles north of Port Antonio.

However, it said it was not yet possible to confirm that the debris sighted is from the missing TBM 900.

At a press conference at Jamaica House this afternoon, head of the JDF Coast Guard, Antonette Wemyss-Gorman, said when the team on the ground arrived at the area today, they did not see any debris.

She says it is believed the debris may have sank.

In the meantime, Director General of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority, Leroy Lindsay, said there has been an offer from overseas to assist Jamaican agencies with recovering the wreck if it proves too challenging for Jamaica.

"The depth we expect where the aircraft went in is something round about 2,000 metres, really deep, and we might not have the asset to deal with that in Jamaica. The French have volunteered that they will assist should we need equipment to go to those depths to help us with the discovery of the aircraft,” he said.

He said a lead investigating team is to be assembled to carry out a probe after the recovery efforts are completed.

The aircraft, which crashed at approximately 1:10 p.m. yesterday, had departed from Rochester, New York, heading south to Naples, Florida with couple Larry and Jane Glazer onboard.

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