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When the blood cries out

Published:Monday | September 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Opposition Leader Andrew Holness and Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

The number nine is significant. September, being the ninth month of our calendar year is the beginning and end of an agricultural season. (Tishri) It is very significant economically, nationally and globally. Times and seasons are very important concerning how we make our choices.

Genesis 8: 22 speaks about six seasons that are critical for development. September is the time of harvest. The number nine possesses properties and powers which are found in no other numbers. It is the last of the single digits and this marks the end of one season. It is the season for reaping from all that we have done, good or bad. It is a time to make new plans, go into new fields, make new budgets and a time of judgment. However, it will be a time of birthing and blessing for the faithful.

On the temporal level, the ninth month begins autumn/fall and thus harvest.

Based on what is happening globally, mass murders, chaos, the threat of nuclear war, global security threats, invasions of Russia into the Ukraine, the rise of radical Islam, the earth is crying out for the innocent blood while countries are afraid to condemn the activities and actions.

Haggai 1:11 reminds us that nature itself reflects divine judgment when the will of God is ignored. The scripture is numerated into nine particulars:

  • Land
  • Mountains
  • Grain
  • New wine
  • Oil
  • What the earth brings forth
  • Men
  • Livestock
  • All the labour of our hands

God judges all these things for the actions of man! What we do affects the earth and the environment. But when man fails to manage and to worship God, then the earth itself cries out and begins to take dominion over man instead.

God created man in His own image to rule the earth. That can only be so if man continues to be obedient to God's rule as King of all! Man has been trading his authority for earthly wealth.

Exalting God alone

Psalms 148 outlines that everything that has life, including the sun, moon, stars, heaven of heavens, sea, kings of the earth, princes, judges and all the people of the earth must praise Him! Only His name is exalted! Any leader who exalts him/herself above the Lord will be humbled.

When man starts allowing nature to praise God more than he does, and begins to exalt himself above God who created him, then we are going to have chaos and the earth will begin to react! Shakings will begin to take place, earthquakes, kings against kings, nation against nation. Terrorists will begin to rise up, there will be confusion and darkness will begin to take over the earth. We were only made for one reason and that is to praise Him and when we do not put Him out of our cities, we will not have peace!

We must recognise that whatever we do on the earth stirs a reaction in the earth and in its atmosphere. The entire environment reacts to our actions and activities. When people are murdered and innocent blood is shed, the blood has a mouth and a voice (Genesis 4:10 - 11) and it cries out to God for justice. The earth itself can also resist man's efforts in building without God! So what is happening now, the earth is reacting to global immorality that is being pushed by many nations. Abortion, murder, injustice, blasphemy, mocking God, these cries have gone up to God!

When Adam sinned, it did not only affect Adam, it affected the environment, the earth, and the very economy.

The negative words we speak, the weapons testing (weapons of mass destruction), the toxic waste and where companies are pushing God out of the workplace, they will feel the effects! We should look at Jamaica Urban Transit Company as an example. Only the Word of God can create, form, restore and repair what is damaged within the environment!

So if you build with evil, we will receive a harvest of evil; and it will increase if there is no change.

We cannot have peace or solutions forthcoming unless man begins to change within!

To hinder further global catastrophe and to bring peace and change within communities and the nation, I nominate Opposition Leader Andrew Holness and Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller, President Barack Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Vladmir Putin, Senator Ted Cruz, Speaker of the House John Boehner, UN Head Ban Ki-moon, CARICOM Chairman Prime Minister Gaston Browne, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestine Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, Head of the African Union Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, President of the Peoples Republic of China Xi JinPing and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to come together for prayer and atonement for peace!

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.