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Heavy rains damage Portland road

Published:Wednesday | September 10, 2014 | 5:50 PM
A tractor clearing the roadway at Kent in the Rio Grande Valley - Gareth Davis Photo
The partially collapsed roadway at Comfort Castle - Gareth Davis Photo

Heavy rain over the past 72 hours has left the district of Comfort Castle in the Rio Grande Valley of Portland with a partially collapsed roadway.

The roadway collapsed yesterday morning during what residents described as the heaviest downpour since December last year.

"We have been begging for the rain and it has come," said Alfred Coombs a 65-year-old farmer.

"What has happened now reminds of a situation we once had at Friday, where that roadway collapsed and was abandon for the better part of two years, forcing residents to find alternative foot path,” Coombs said.

Friday is located one mile from Comfort Castle, which suffered repeated breakaways during a seven-year period.

However, four years ago approximately, $400 million was spent to construct a retaining wall and the roadway was restored.

On Tuesday, there was no breakaway at Friday but rocks and earth tumbled down from a hillside, partially blocking the roadway.

Meanwhile, Mayor Benny White, says the breakaway in Comfort Castle will affect farmers.

"Only small units such as cars will be able to travel into Comfort Castle, Mill Bank, and beyond. Trucks will not be able to go into those communities to collect farm produce and to transport them to market," White said.

A team from the National Works Agency has been working to create more space for trucks to access the roadway.

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