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'Be agents of change' Adventist leader urges men to do more than procreate

Published:Thursday | September 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM

HEAD OF the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Jamaica, Pastor Everett Brown, challenged Christian men and those in the wider society to be agents of positive change in society and not just agents of procreation.

In addressing the gathering of approximately 3,000 - most of them men - during a men's convention at the Northern Caribbean University gymnatorium in Mandeville last Saturday, Pastor Brown posited that a man's real purpose as head or leader in the home, church or society is not just to provide, protect and perform.

"We are not defined by our ability to produce the cell which is essential to procreate life. We are not defined by the number of children we are able to father, the salary we earn or the power and authority we have," Brown lamented.

"We are men created in the image of God and, if you choose to take on the role of husband and father, you are expected to carry out the duties of a husband and father, but a man's purpose in life goes far beyond his role as husband and father ... he is the priest of his family."

be good men

Brown called on men to be good men and be there for their family not only during special occasion, but also in times of need.

"Men should be there to give support at the birth of their children, there when they are sick, there when they have to deal with the issues of life, there when they fall, not just when they are onstage at graduation collecting their diplomas."

"A good man is a spiritual man, an agent of grace and agent of positive change. He is selfless in his service, morally not always perfect, but responsible. A good man will be faithful to his wife and family. They will not abuse and exploit young boys and girls to fulfil their own depraved desires. They are committed and hard-working, and will pay their taxes to the Government to be used for national development. We need more good, God-fearing men."