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Parents need to embrace core values

Published:Monday | September 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Mayor Glendon Harris

Barrington Flemming, Gleaner Writer

WESTERN BUREAU- Montego Bay's mayor, Councillor Glendon Harris, has lashed out against parents who he claim are openly rejecting the core values taught to children at the basic school level, causing them to become deviants.

"The most important values that I have were garnered at basic school," said Harris, who was bringing greetings at the Early Childhood Commission's 10th anniversary parish celebration at the Hotel Riu, Rosehall, in Montego Bay, last Thursday.

"We see today where parents and the wider communities are not sticking to those core values. No matter how successful we are, the foundation of our success was laid at the basic school level," Harris added.

To further illustrate his point, the Mayor said some of the songs and the values imparted at the basic school level continue to influence his life today.

"'Bits of paper, bits of paper lying on the ground; make the place untidy make the place untidy pick them up, pick them up'," said Harris, reciting an old memory gem.

"It is amazing that a parent could come to a teacher and say to that teacher, 'I did not send my child to school as a helper', when it is the same child who littered the place," the mayor continued.

future impact

Harris told the commission that as it celebrates its 10th anniversary, it should be cognisant of the fact that the future of the country will be determined by the successes or failure of the programmes it implements.

"I encourage you that the future of this country rests in what you do, the policies that you will craft and implement and your strict instructions to the early childhood institutions," said Harris.

"If you fail, we all will fail in making Jamaica a better place for generations to come."

The commission has been established to deal with the administration of early childhood care, education and development in Jamaica. Its role includes advising the education minister on policy matters relating to early childhood care and education,and assisting in the preparation of plans and programmes concerning early childhood development.