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The guide to good leadership

Published:Monday | September 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The recent controversy surrounding Ray Rice should serve as a message to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that the same media that befriend individuals in positions of leadership will be among the first to laugh at their demise!
Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner.

Steve Lyston, Contributor

Global happenings have placed world leaders and their leadership capacities under great scrutiny. Ebola, Chikungunya, ISIS, in addition to the other world issues, are making us aware that nations need godly leaders who follow biblical principles and are inspired by God's Spirit now more than ever!

Many times, God will allow problems to exist to test leaders to see who they will depend on to fix the issues, or in what direction they will place their trust.

I am disappointed that the modern-day Josephs, Daniels, and Nehemiahs that serve within the kings' courts are not instructing leaders in the right way - if at all.

Because of poor leadership, the world has been thrust into confusion! The usual media blitz and public relations strategies no longer work and they now have to face the issues directly - no airbrushing!

The Bible gives a clear set of guidelines for leadership and even how leaders ought to be elected. Leaders must inquire of the Lord when problems arise in order to get the solutions. Very rarely does a leader come forward to acknowledge God's say on different issues - mainly out of fear of what the media have to say. However, the same media that befriend them now will be among the first to laugh at their demise! If the issue with National Football League (NFL) star player Ray Rice is any indication, they should be duly warned on that!

Leaders must make decisions to please God, not the media or the people. Then God will please them.

When electing leaders at any level, the Bible lets us know that they must be in good standing with their families and communities. They must be respected and not show partiality. They must be full of Godly wisdom. It is the responsibility of the leaders during difficult times to encourage the downcast, strengthen the weak, comfort the afflicted, and have mercy on the poor. They must motivate the people, not curse them. Every leader, at times, needs to be alone to commune with the Father. This will renew, recharge, reconnect, and cause reflection. They will also have to pull away for moments of relaxation.

Needs and wants

Leadership must know the needs of the people and be able to recognise the difference between needs and wants. Most don't know the difference! The needs are more important than the wants.

Every leader has two main functions: to build the central government and to build the government of God! Many are passing laws to weaken God's government and, as such, the family. This will cause failure upon their administration.

No leader controls times and seasons! Times and seasons must be discerned to know what God requires of them during those periods and they must yield to it. It is not about their mandate. It is about what God's mandate is for the season.

Every leader must understand that there must be a proper mix and balance to build a nation. There needs to be educated men, skilful men, and gifted men if we are to see any form of change. All three categories must exist at the same time. There are educated men who are neither gifted nor skilful! This has left a void in the varying societies. The gifted and skillful have been neglected.

Our nation

In order to build, especially a nation, the instructions for building are very important and so must be specific. You need to have the dimensions for building- length, breadth, and height. God gives those dimensions. We cannot use the plans of others to build our nation. We have to build with an original blueprint.

The problems that exists with the Jamaica Urban Transit Company are related to organisation. In order to be successful, they need proper logistics, time management, marketing, scheduling, and fleet management. If the nation is wise, they can turn around the loss to superprofits!

Look at our health services. We have warned on many occasions that it is the most critical industry needed at this time, and if we don't get it right, many Jamaicans are going to have untimely deaths.

Nations need to raise up more doctors locally to be placed in the health sector and pay existing ones more money. This is not the time to retire doctors, otherwise we will find ourselves as a nation importing doctors, which will put even greater strain on the economy.

If local and global leaders don't shape up by the end of the year, many will lose their middle stump or many will be watching the game from the oval. No leader should be overconfident when he is playing sports. The wind and rain at times will decide the direction of a match. In other words, it is not the voters who will decide the outcome, but there are always those who are in debt, distressed and discontented. That can become the game changer!

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.