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Published:Monday | September 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Instashare for Apple (iPhone)
ShareFile for Windows
Send Anywhere (File Transfer) for Android

Written and Compiled by Kareem LaTouche and Stephanie Lyew

Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a procedure that Windows and other computer operating systems utilise (or suggest to users) to check hard disks for corrupted files without any interruptions. When a computer is run in Safe Mode, it restricts any third-party software as well as networking files and settings from loading. Hence, printers and scanners are most times inaccessible.

To start the computer in Safe Mode, Windows users can hold down the F8 key while pressing on the power button then select 'Safe Mode' from the list. If using an Apple device (Mac computer), hold down the shift button soon after the start-up sound is made. In Safe Mode, various troubleshooting processes such as Windows Command Prompt (i.e. type in cmd/CHKDSK and Run as Administrator) help to repair files and restore the computer to original settings. When a computer is moving sluggishly or experiences a crash, the technician given the task of solving the problems will have to run Safe Mode. Technical support representatives also guide users through Safe Mode when trying to provide solutions.

Apps this Week for Android, Apple, and windows

Send Anywhere (File Transfer) for Android:

The File Transfer application has received an update (Send Anywhere 2). The app is similar to cloud sharing options but has been proven safer. It generates a 6-digit one-time use code for the file that the Android user wants to share via devices. The receiver will then punch in the code and as easy as 1, 2, 3, the file is transferred. With the My Devices release, users may synchronise a PC with an Android device and remotely manage files.

Instashare for Apple (iPhone)

Instashare is one of the best hassle-free application. It does not require iPhone users to be connected to the Internet (data) but they must have access to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity and there are no registration requirements. Once the devices (Apple) are synced, users can choose the file, then simply drag and drop. There are also no file restrictions. MP3, JPEG images, PDF documents, and presentations can be transferred using Instashare. The newest version 1.8.5 of the Instashare application for Apple iOS was released on September 16 with bug fixes.

ShareFile for Windows

The ShareFile website was introduced to the world of technology in 2005. Now, version 1.5.15 is available for Windows smartphones for free. The app allows users to connect to the ShareFile account that is required to store and share files. It is an efficient way for small companies to interact by uploading and downloading files that are stored in the file box of the main user account.