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Farm Up Jamaica starts Easter bun campaign

Published:Wednesday | September 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Contributed Farmers in New Forest, Manchester, prepare several acres of land to plant organic onion.

Farm Up Jamaica was launched almost a year ago, and its mission is to help reduce the importation of foreign foods into Jamaica by aiding and assisting local farmers to grow organic, non-genetically modified (GMO) foods. During the first few months of its operation, Farm Up Jamaica has implemented three major pioneer projects in the parishes of Manchester and St Elizabeth - the onion project, the Scotch bonnet pepper seed project, and, most recently, the Scotch bonnet pepper export project.

Farm Up Jamaica is currently funded by donations from members of the Jamaican diaspora, but to enable the company to sustain and augment the services it provides, it has now embarked on a fund-raising drive called 'The Easter Bun Project'.


In collaboration with Royal Caribbean Bakery in the United States and Grace Foods in Jamaica, Farm Up Jamaica will offer for sale in the United States bun and cheese gift certificates that will be redeemable at Easter time 2015.

Starting September 6, numbered bun and cheese certificates will be sold throughout multiple locations, including churches, and a part of the proceeds will go towards Farm Up Jamaica. The certificate costs US$20 and participants who sell the certificates can also raise funds for their respective organisations if they so desire. The buns will come from Royal Caribbean Bakery, and the cheese from Grace. The core of the promotion will be anchored in the heavily populated areas of the New York tri-state region and South Florida. But the beloved bun and cheese, an Easter time favourite across the Jamaican diaspora, can be ordered from anywhere through the Farm Up Jamaica website, and the products will be shipped to recipients just before Easter.

"We are aware that Easter 2015 is months away, but it is important to launch early so we make the most of the opportunity to re-fuel Farm Up Jamaica as well as provide the ease and convenience of getting bun and cheese at Easter without any hassle whatsoever," said Neil Curtis, founder and chief executive officer of Farm Up Jamaica.

In addition to organic, non-GMO crop cultivation, Farm Up Jamaica also assists with training farmers for the preparation and planting of organic crops. This training outreach is intended to widen the knowledge base of this relatively new area as well as protect the integrity of the produce on the local and international markets. Farm Up Jamaica has also devised ways to eliminate certain pests affecting target crops without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

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