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NIA's Munroe demands answers on gov't cuts

Published:Sunday | September 28, 2014 | 6:14 PM

The head of the National Integrity Action (NIA) is demanding that the government outlines to the country the areas where expenditures are being cut as part of complying with obligations to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Executive Director of the NIA, Professor Trevor Munroe, pointed out that the Jamaican government has had to make cuts every time it is announced that Jamaica has met another IMF target.

Munroe, who was speaking at the quarterly meeting of the Lay Magistrates Association at the Police Officer's Club in St Andrew yesterday, insisted that Jamaicans must be told where the cuts were being made.

According to the NIA head, between April and July of this year, J$7.7 billion was cut from central government operations in order to meet the IMF's review targets.

He noted, for example, that the budget to upkeep police lock-ups and manage the jury process in Kingston and St Andrew was cut to J$151 million, down from J$214 million last year.

Munroe urged justices of the peace and lay magistrates to use the information to ensure allocations were not cut from critical areas, which are important to the dispensation of justice and also to meet social and health needs.

He argued that these expenditure cuts should be included in the regular reports provided by the Economic Programme Oversight Committee.