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Tech Times - Tech Poll of the Week

Published:Monday | September 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Do you download free, trial versions or pay for smartphone apps?

Yes, I download free, trial versions and pay for apps.45%I only download free apps.37%Yes, I pay; paying for apps is the best option.8%No, only have stock (default) apps. 10%

Tech Word/Term of the Week

I/O Address

The I/O address or input/output address is assigned to each I/O port on the computer; these ports include the ethernet, USB, firewire, all digital graphics and audio-visual ports among others built on the computer. These I/O addresses are also assigned to the devices that will be plugged into the ports for access to memory, Internet etc.

The I/O address allows the computer to locate and recognise devices thus each time a device is attached to the computer it will produce a message to tell the user that a device has been connected, installing drivers and most, if not all, messages that appear. The I/O address is controlled by the computer's motherboard and so the devices should not interfere with the internal memory.

Apps of the Week for Android, Apple and Windows

C25K for Android

The 5K Trainer application by Zen Labs is a featured Android health & fitness app. If you are interested in 5K track events and would like to prepare for one, this app is for you. The C25K app is designed to manipulate its users to gradually move up from short walking exercises to long training programmes. It is fully integrated with social media so that users can communicate and share tips as well as location using Nike + GPS applications. C25K is also compatible with music apps and podcasts. There is an audio coach within the programme. Once it is installed, the app will provide a curriculum to train day by day, then weekly. Notifications are active and accurate even when the device is in key lock mode.

5K Runner for Apple (iPhone):

The 5K Runner application is a programme that helps to build fitness by alternating between running and walking plans. It motivates by using a reward system that gives users badges each time a workout plan has been completed. 5K Runner also expresses positive thoughts through motivational speeches and an audio coach who guides users on halfway points, when to walk, run, slow down or speed up.

Total Couch to 5K for Windows

The most recent version (Update 1.6) of this 5K training application for Windows phones is a complete nine-week plan that provides statistics of distance and elevation runs, estimated calories burnt, as well as average time taken with each workout. Users can change the settings within Total Couch to 5K, to turn voice cues, timer and music on and off. There is also an in-app mapping tool, so the workout i.e. 5K track plan can be synchronised with location.

Samsung Curved Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV

This month was a gold mine of events for the corporate giant Samsung. The company launched myriad products for September. Luckily, we have the details on one of the devices that was launched right here in our backyard.

Samsung Curved Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV

Earlier this month, Samsung introduced the world's first curved ultra high definition (four times the quality of full HD '1080p') television to the shores of Jamaica. The unveiling was held at the UWI Mona Campus and was well attended by the media. After a successful launch, I headed over to Courts last weekend on Constant Spring Road for a closer look at this device. Folks, I have found my Christmas present; potential wives please take note. This is the Samsung Curved Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV and its features.

Smart Remote Control: The smart remote control gives you ultimate control of your smart TV. Select TV functions by talking into the built-in microphone. You can also use the touchpad to navigate quickly, or use the remote like a mouse and simply point and click.

Smart Interaction: Intuitively control your TV using hand motions. Use them to browse the smart hub, play games and more with the built-in pop-up camera.

UHD Upscaling: UHD upscaling delivers the complete UHD picture experience with a proprietary process including signal analysis, noise reduction, UHD upscaling and detail enhancement to seamlessly upconvert SD, HD or full HD content to UHD-level picture quality.

Quad Screen: Transform your TV into four screens that can access live TV, video clips and the web all at once. Watch your favourite golf tournament on one screen and search the web for current standings on another. Then watch a video tutorial to master your swing while navigating your smart TV panel on the fourth screen.

ConnectShare Movie: Watch videos, play music or view photos from a USB connection with ConnectShare Movie. You don't need a PC just plug your USB directly into TV's USB port.

Final Thoughts

The list of features alone for this device is the length of a small novel so a lot of key features I just can't list here like the fact that it has 3D capabilities and comes with glasses to use with it.

- Payton H. Wilmott