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VAPE - Take back your home

Published:Tuesday | September 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM

The Pan-American Health Organisation, the Centre for Disease Control, the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health have all reported that there is no vaccine or medication to prevent the transmission of, or cure the chikungunya virus. Instead, they have urged vigilance in reducing breeding sites of the mosquito vector and recommended the use of mosquito repellents that contains DEET.

VAPE Skin Mist is an affordable option for protecting you and your family. VAPE Skin Mist contains 5.16 per cent of the active ingredient DEET. The effectiveness of DEET is not increased at higher concentrations, however, it may remain on your skin for a longer time period and, in some cases, contribute to adverse reactions in children and adults with sensitive skin. VAPE Skin Mist was specially formulated to meet the needs of the entire family, including babies older than two months. The recommended application period is every two to three hours.

The VAPE brand offers a family of mosquito repellents and household insecticides that are specifically formulated to protect your home from flying and crawling insects.

These include VAPE coils, mats, aerosols, skin mist, dual machines, liquid sets and refills. VAPE products are safe for household use and are environmentally friendly.

The VAPE brand has been available in Jamaica for approximately 25 years and has delivered consistent quality. It is manufactured by Agricultural Chemical Plant, a division ofJ. Wray & Nephew Ltd, under license from Fumakilla Japan. VAPE is distributed islandwide to wholesalers and retailers by J. Wray & Nephew Ltd. For more information please contact: Agricultural Chemical Plant; tel: 876-923-7236-8; fax: 876-901-3854; Email: