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Color Festival Two: An event to remember

Published:Friday | October 3, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Draped in colour and very happy are Samantha Strachan and Johann McCulloch. Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
From left: Shanquie Minnott, Kandy Stewart and Shawna Dunbar, at the Smirnoff Color Festival. Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
A colour-free Marie Popovski and Mathew Richards get cosy at the festival. Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
Ajax Amsterdam footballers Leon Bailey (left) and Kyle Butler hang out with Valencia McCrae during Smirnoff Color Festival at Hope Gardens on Sunday. Contributed
International DJ Kyle DeSouza relaxes with Leleika Barnes, assistant brand manager, Smirnoff, during Smirnoff Color Festival on Sunday at Hope Gardens. Contributed

Krysta Anderson, Randy Bowman, Gleaner Writers

From beaming sun to a downpour of rain, the weather varied like the shades as Smirnoff Color Festival pulled out all the stops in providing partygoers with an event to remember.

For the second time, the highly anticipated colour festival made a stop in Jamaica last Sunday at its now resident venue, Hope Gardens, just months after its first successful run in February.

Those in attendance adhered to the dress code of white, providing the perfect canvas for a world of colour to rein free. They took great pleasure in its indulgence, 'fogging up the place' and following the instructions of the deejays.

Domino's Pizza and Tutti Frutti were joined by a 'pan' chicken man to fortify the young ravers. Domino's catered to the pockets with their $100-per-slice pizza, Snyders filled a gap by offering free chips and dip samplings and, of course, the servers did not have enough hands to tend to the hungry crowd.

No money, no problem. The JN Way, from Jamaica National, made sure an automated banking machine was on site to facilitate the party animals in need of extra cash to purchase more powder, pay for some savoury food or opt to buy mixed drinks sans the Smirnoff.

Musical selection

Eruptions of EDM (electronic dance music), dancehall, pop and soca music, accompanied by synchronised flashing lights lured scores of eager participants to draw closer to the stage. DJ Kurt Riley, Sanjay, as well as Titan from TNT, turned up the heat as showers prevailed, leaving a trail of wet grass and mud in the wake of revellers.

Bouncers were strategically placed all over the venue, ensuring the safety of those who were enjoying the festivities responsibly. Pickpockets, masked as patrons, who were on the hunt for all that did not belong to them, camouflaged their deeds during the dancing, jumping and waving. But the security personnel were relentless in their pursuit of justice and, in the end, the criminals were apprehended and stolen possessions later announced for pickup.

Many went wild as their selections were played, indulging in the rain and the bar, all in the name of good fun. For a few, it got a little out of hand and they had to be rushed off to the designated sickbay for needed medical attention. All in all, Smirnoff Color Festival was money well spent.