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My niece refuses to bathe

Published:Tuesday | October 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Q My niece is 12 and refuses to bathe. My family says she has a problem. This is going on two weeks now. We give her the special wipes and she uses them, but will not even shower. What do we do?

A You need to take your niece to see a medical doctor right away. After the doctor examines her, he/she will make a referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist if necessary.

Q I heard a doctor on the radio giving advice about children's issues, and a lady at work shared that he was not a doctor. Should the radio station ask people for their qualifications before they invite them on their station to speak?

A I think the radio station would have checked the person's qualifications before they invited the individual to participate in a programme. I hope after they read your concerns that they start double checking person's credentials before they invite them to speak.

Q My son has decided that he wants to follow an arts track in fourth form. He got great science grades. How can I convince him to do the sciences instead?

A You need to sit with your son and talk with him about his career plans. A conversation with your son will allow you to understand his choices and give you the opportunity to share your concerns. You can take him to a counsellor or psychologist who has skills in career guidance for additional help.

Orlean Brown-Earle, PhD, is a child psychologist and family therapist. Dr Brown-Earle works with children with learning and behavioural problems throughout the island and in the Caribbean. Email questions to or send to Ask the Doc, c/o The Gleaner Company, 7 North Street, Kingston. Responses to concerns are to be considered as general, as cases shared with psychologists privately would be queried more deeply. Pray always!