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Tablets pique students' interest at Salt Savannah

Published:Saturday | October 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Students at Salt Savannah Primary and Infant School enjoying their tablets. From left are Fabian Banton, Owen Bonswell and Yamuru Watson.-Contributed

The 236 students at the Salt Savannah Primary and Infant School in Clarendon who received their tablets at the start of the new school year are very excited about learning.

According to principal Hyacinth Barrett, the students are so excited that even when it is break or lunch time, they are still on their tablets enjoying the applications and playing the educational games.

It has been one month and the students are already using their handheld computers to download and use applications. Grade-five teacher, Loreen Ludford, has lauded the Ministry of Education for its insight in providing this useful tool to the students. She noted that the teaching and learning process has been significantly improved because students have adopted a more positive attitude towards their education.

According to Ludford, some concepts that are available in songs are quickly understood by students and are more easily memorised. Additionally, she explained that the tablets facilitated the use of a variety of learning styles by allowing students to find the appropriate application that is similar to individual learning styles. Students are also able to carry fewer books to school as some of them are on the tablets.

students' excitement

Barrett believes the students' excitement has apparently rubbed off on the parents as some have requested that they be trained to use these tablets too so that they can assist their children. In response to this request, the principal has contacted e-Learning Jamaica, which has agreed to conduct the training.

The school notes that the heightened use of the tablets result in some being bumped off the Internet at times. This will require an expansion in the Internet capacity at the school as well as scheduling sessions to ease the pressure on the system.