Thu | Apr 22, 2021

Cut out this 'make up' rubbish

Published:Monday | October 20, 2014 | 12:27 PM


I am one citizen who is getting peeved with the police in my area. Our police should not be so interested in the conflict resolution business. They should stick to crime fighting and whenever an offense is reported/or committed file charges, make arrests and bring the matter to court. Now our policemen and women are telling complainants and accused to 'make up'. This is getting too prevalent  in my Clarendon Community. Recently, a young boy was in an accident with  a motorist. It is reported that the fist thing that the police told the young boy's parents to do was to 'make up' with the driver. How come? This boy died later in hospital. It is widely rumoured that the vehicle was not licensed or insured. It is the feeling of some citizens that the police are working to free the driver. This rumour would not be circulating if our police acted with professionalism,  following the evidence wherever it leads. I hope that the commissioner of police, Dr Williams will look into and make this part of his accountability mission.

Authnel Reid