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Tech Times - Written and compiled byKareem LaTouche and Stephanie Lyew

Published:Monday | October 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Tech poll of the week

What is your first action when water gets in contact with your mobile device?

a.Use a dry cloth/hand towel to remove water.23% b. Power off the device/remove the battery.25% c. Flash the liquid off the phone.30% d. Use a hair/blow dryer to dry phone. 22%

NB. The first action to take is to remove any power source or the device's battery and eliminate any excess water with a dry cloth. If it can be avoided, do not turn on the mobile device. It should take up to 72 hours for the internal parts of the phone to dry completely.

Blow drying devices are the worst tools to use when preventing liquid damage to a phone, especially a smartphone. This only spreads the liquid throughout the internal areas and results in faster damage of the phone's circuit, screen and various ports. It is safe to use a damp cloth or even wipes to clean sugary liquids from the parts once it is dismantled, then patiently allow it to dry. Desiccants i.e. silica gel packets that are found in shoe boxes may help with the drying; place the device in a clean zipper lock bag, plastic food container or even the shoe box with the desiccant and keep it closed for a couple days.

Tech word of the week

OS or Operating System

The operating system commonly referred to as 'OS' is a program that manages the full operations of a device. Windows 8, Linux, Mac OS X are all examples of operating systems developed for computers and some mobile devices. Each operating system is different though there may be a few similarities such as the feature of the graphical user interface that includes the desktop and allows users to manage files and other secondary programs installed to their device.

The OS communicates with the hardware through a series of written coded commands to control the full response that the computer or mobile device produces when a program is installed, opened or closed. While some programs are cross platform i.e. have the capability of being run on multiple operating systems, some are specific and it is important to ensure that any application downloaded or purchased for installation on a computer or phone is compatible with the operating system on which it runs. Incompatibility can result in the complete destruction of a device or corruption of various hardware.

Apps this Week for Android, Apple and windows

Skit for Android

Skit by Storytime Studios is a fun video making application but is mainly for the production of animated videos. It is a social network within a video graphics software for Android devices. The Skit community will have 'story starters' and users will post various 'skits' to use as references to create new videos. Any skits created do not necessarily have to be shared with the Skit community, a private link may be generated at the end of the production to share among friends via direct messaging, email or other social networking media.

Cinamatic for Apple (iPhone)

Smartphone users let's not confuse Android's Cinematic with iPhone's Cinamatic. The 'e' and 'a' do make a complete difference. Cinamatic is created for iPhone 4 and higher but has proven to be better for iPhone 5 and up. The application is a new way for iPhone users to create short fun films from three to 60 seconds prepared with filters and various image controls. Segments of videos can be rearranged and placed in slow motion. Music can also be added for interesting soundtracks. While the appstore lists Cinamatic as a free app, the professional filters and video editing tools come at a price.

Movie Maker 8.1 for Windows

The Windows phone must be running on the Windows 8.1 OS for it to work efficiently. The application takes up approximately 5MB of the phone's internal memory. Movie Maker 8.1 is the ideal mobile app for Windows phone users that exploit the phone's video recording capabilities. Aside from the general editing functions such as merging scenes, cropping images and adjusting audio levels, it supports 1980 x 1080 HD video formats, supports jpeg, bmp, png, gif, exif tiff, as well as ico image formats and does not have a limit on the duration of videos. Windows phone owners must note however, that the app is not free and special features like the audio transitions and sound effects library will require additional in-app purchases.

Whoosh! to the rescue

Electronic devices are becoming more expensive than house-hold appliances. If you went out and invested in a device so expensive then it's logical to spend a little extra to protect your investment. This week I'll share with you the dos and don'ts of cleaning a LCD or LED screen whether it's on a phone, tablet, TV, UHD TV, or laptop.

Cleaning Your Expensive Stuff 101

First off, what not to do:

Don't use ethyl alcohol, acetone, toluene, ethyl acid, ammonia, or methyl chloride. These chemicals will damage your display. If you do so your touch screen may stop working.

Always use a clean cloth, because tiny hard particles can get trapped in cloth fibers and leave scratches after use.

DO NOT use Windex or other glass cleaners! These generally contain ammonia and will spoil your LCD screen.

Do not use paper towels. They leave behind tiny bits of paper that will mess up your display.

Avoid using pipe water when cleaning your LCD or LED screen, it usually has minerals that can damage the screen.

A simple way to clean

I suggest buying a good LCD/LED screen cleaner if you are not a chemist. I emphasise the word good because there are some out there that are worse than throwing gasoline on your screen. If I had to recommend one right now, I would go with WHOOSH! which costs around $1,000 for the small package, or you can go large if you have the money. Yes, I said it right. The name is WHOOSH! and it comes with a cleaning cloth and solution. It worked wonders for my laptop and it helps resist fingerprint smudges on smartphones too.

Final Thoughts

I clean my devices weekly because dirty screens are just gross, and the phone screen is going in your face daily!

The products mentioned in this article were provided courtesy of Royale Computers and Accessories telephone#: 906-1067, 906-1068, and 754-5048.

- Payton H. Wilmott