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Do you know Rome, Chronixx?

Published:Monday | October 20, 2014 | 1:25 PM

Do you know Rome, Chronixx?


Please allow me to use your forum to pose this question to the artist known as Chronixx. Chronixx, have you ever visited Rome?

On Saturday, October 18, the Catholic Youth Movement of the Archdiocese of Kingston hosted ?Jamaica Day?, where everything Jamaican was celebrated by the youths of the six deaneries. Deanery 4, of which I am a member, won the competition and so I was in a great mood driving home. That mood was quickly changed when I heard the lyrics of a very catchy and well produced reggae song, sung by Chronixx.

It started with ?Ah love I an? I preaching, so every land of hate will burn? but then started to chant that ?Today Rome will burn!?

?today Rome will burn!?

In what I assume to be an attempt not to implicate any specific place, the lyricist stated: ?When I say Rome it nuh geographic ...? But then he immediately goes on to say: ?Dem a ask how ah little African, ah go burn down di whole ah inna Vatican.? Then the chorus repeated: ?Listen to the voice of di people, today Rome will burn!?

Now I appreciate that Jamaica is a land of contradictions, where free speech is celebrated, but accountability is subjective. So it does not surprise me that a Muslim leader is refused entry into Jamaica, while our radio stations play songs which could insight attacks on one religious group. Some may say I am an alarmist, but look at Boko Haram and ISIS, and you can see that my concern is valid.

So Chronixx, before you burn down Rome, please pay the country a visit so that you will be fully cognisant of what you are igniting. In the event that you are not able to make such a visit, maybe a visit to the Jamaican Rome-related organisations such as Brothers of the Poor, Mustard Seed Communities, Alpha Boys? Home, and all the Catholic schools might make you change your mind about destroying Rome. Unless, of course, you and your religion are ready and willing to take over and continue or better the work that Rome has germinated.

Andrea Wray