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Tech Times. Written and compiled by Kareem LaTouche and Stephanie Lyew

Published:Monday | October 27, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
The Gear S

Tech poll of the week

Do you pay for a data plan (network provided 3G or 4G) or utilise wireless connection when available to browse the Internet and use mobile apps?

(a) Data plan 47%(b) Wireless 53%

Tech word of the week


The modem is an internal or external communications device that allows one or more devices i.e. computers, printers, smartphones etc, to connect and transfer data. It may be used to transfer data between digital data of a computing device and the analog signal of a telephone line; nonetheless, these mediums that employ analog signals are becoming obsolete. The term modem is brief for modulator and demodulator; modulation or the opposite, demodulation, is used in telecommunications to describe the action of change, variation or addition of information through more than one form. That is, from digital to analog or vice versa. Recently developed modems are being made for cable or digital subscriber lines.

Apps this Week for Android, Apple and windows

Viber for Android

There are over 300 million Viber users worldwide. The application allows users to make free international texts and calls to other Viber users and even create group chats. The recent update has included the option to make video calls and transfer calls from mobile to a Desktop in which the Viber application is running. Users can add each other by scanning QR codes provided within the app, or by entering the assigned Viber number. Image files can also be sent via Viber through the chat interface. It is free but depending on the network on which the phone belongs, charges may apply.

Text Plus for Apple (iPhone)

Text Plus is one of the most convenient free applications to make international text and calls. The app works well over wireless connection and does not require a 3G or 4G data plan. Apple iPhone users can download the application directly to Utilities from iTunes and sign up for an assigned number (by choosing from a list of area codes given). The user will receive unlimited text messages, as well as free calling over Wi-Fi or receive cheap international calling rates and make group chats with other iPhone users that have the Text Plus app installed.

Voxofon for Windows

The Voxofon application is free for Windows 8, Windows phones and other smartphones. Voxofon is cross-platform - once both the sender and receiver has the application on their smartphone devices both users can use the free app-to-app messaging feature. However, this international texting and calling app will require the user to purchase minutes to make calls to international numbers/devices that do not have the app. Message replies are received at no cost to the user.

4 things to Note

On October 16, 2014 Tech Times had the pleasure of being at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at the Samsung Experience Store in Tropical Plaza. The event wasn't only for the Samsung Note 4, but the Samsung Gear S, Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Tab S were there as well flashing their muscles. So today, we have for you four impressions of two devices introduced at the launch. We will leave the specifications and dimension out this time and save it for the full reviews.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4

So, what are the four things you'll see when you pick up the Note 4?

The display is beautiful and sharp, which is expected since it's a higher resolution than 1080P.

The user interface is quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5, but most of the widgets are transparent to help make the home wallpaper visible.

As soon as you pick up the device you'll feel the built quality difference between it and the Note3. That metal frame and new textured back cover makes a big difference in the hands.

You'll see that the camera is now 16 mega pixel instead of the 13 that was in the Note 3. Also, the option of UHD video recording.

The Gear S

These points are obvious from the get go.

The display is certainly bigger than Gear 2 and curved as well.

There is no camera on the device to take photos or videos which was present on the Gear 2.

There is a SIM card slot located on the back to change the watch into a fully functioning mobile phone unlike the Gear 2.

The heart rate monitor is still located on the back of the device.

Final Thoughts

The latter weeks were hectic for Jamaican citizens to say the least. You had the fear of Ebola hitting our shores and the joint pains of chick-V terrorising our nation, but the promotion for October 24 was a joy to say the least. The first 100 people that bought the Galaxy Note 4 at the Samsung Experience Store that day received an $11,258 discount on their purchase. Also the first person that took a 'selfie' with their Galaxy Note 4 walked away with gifts. Your joints might be paining you a little bit more now if you didn't get to capitalise on that deal.

Check out a preview of the devices online!

- Payton H. Wilmott