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Social business matters

Published:Wednesday | October 29, 2014 | 1:19 PM

The Social Enterprise Boost Initiative (SEBI) is an innovative and exciting business development and technical capacity-building platform focused on the local social sector. SEBI was established by the Jamaica National Building Society  Foundation in collaboration with USAID to create dynamic and empowering opportunities for Jamaica’s existing and potential social enterprises.

SEBI provides strong technical and business development support to the sector, starting with a selected group of bold organizations who are in the business of doing good. SEBI supports a number of organizations including the Caribbean Community for Retired Persons, a member-based organisation, which aims to enhance the quality of life for retirees, facilitate their continued contributions to society and serve as an advocacy group for issues affecting the elderly.

Dress for Success (DFS) Jamaica is an affiliate of the international brand, promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing them with professional attire, a network of support and career development training.

Grotto Community Development Committee, based in Savanna-la-Mar, is focused on the creation of jobs through the production and sale of healthy fruit juices, which are targets schools and the community.  They contribute to social services, a beautification programme and in the long term, a thriving basic school.

MultiCare Foundation, provides at-risk youth in inner cities with upliftment programmes through sport as well as the visual and performing arts. The foundation will be providing to the public venue rental and recreational services from which they will generate income to help sustain the youth-driven initiatives in more than 30 schools.

Mustard Seed Communities provides care, food, medicine, spiritual support and shelter to approximately 400 physically and mentally disabled children in Jamaica, including those who have been abandoned and are living with HIV and AIDS. Through its farm initiative, at Jerusalem in St Catherine, Mustard Seed provides food security and income from the sale of fish and eggs.

Network of Women for Food Security (NOW) engages in sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural industry practices centered on the production and marketing of bamboo charcoal and mushrooms. The group of women use their experience in anthropology, research and business to operate agricultural initiatives in Manchester and St Elizabeth. Now’s  commercial actions provide income-generating activities and training for disadvantaged women.

The Source is an all-inclusive community resource centre in Savanna-la-Mar, which provides the services of a business centre, including a computer lab, document centre, meeting rooms, adult literacy classes and a homework centre for underserved communities.

Superior Crafts and More is a vibrant group of enterprising individuals who operate a furniture and craft-making business in St Andrew, providing employment and training for the visually impaired and blind. They make custom-made furniture and craft items from wicker, creating opportunities for the visually impaired and blind to lead independent and productive lives. 

Ulster Spring Women’s Group: a group of enterprising women in Ulster Spring, Trelawny who are creating employment opportunities for the women by developing a culinary line of yam-based products.