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Drivers tampering with speed limit on JUTC buses - Roper

Published:Sunday | November 2, 2014 | 6:32 PM

The management of the state-owned Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) has blamed the excessive speeds that some of its buses travel on some drivers who tamper with the system that restrict the speed limit.

JUTC chairman Rev. Garnet Roper revealed that drivers have been tampering with bus odometres in order to increase the speed limit of the units.

Roper says the buses, which are programmed to go no more than 65 kilometres per hour across the Kingston Metropolitan Region, have been in instances reprogrammed to go at speeds of 120 kilometres per hour.

He linked the dangerous practice to a record number of JUTC bus crashes last month.

Roper assured that the company is taking steps to dismiss errant employees and build a culture of safety.

And the JUTC chairman says the company's Smarter Card system has helped to improve fraud protection.

According to him, some employees have tried to use their own cards or cards belonging to other persons in order to avoid going to the cash office at the end of their shifts. However, he says the infractions were easily detected because all transactions are electronically recorded and the data easily retrieved and audited.

Roper says the JUTC has had a history of being a feeding tree for dishonest workers, who have stolen not only cash but fuel, batteries and spare parts from the company. He says against that background, new measures have been put in place to protect the company's revenue and property.


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