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Unemployment down, says STATIN

Published:Monday | November 3, 2014 | 5:33 PM

The Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) is reporting a drop in the unemployment rate for July 2014 when compared to the corresponding period last year.

The information is contained in its July Labour Force Survey conducted from June 22 to 28.

In its Labour Force Survey, STATIN says it found that the unemployment rate stood at 13.8 per cent, which was a 1.6 percentage point decrease compared to 15.4 per cent in July 2013.

It explains that the number of Unemployed persons decreased by 22,200 moving from 201,600 persons in July 2013 to 179,400 persons in July 2014.

The unemployment rates among youths aged 14-24 years was 34.1 per cent for July 2014.

STATIN says this was a decrease of 4.2 percentage points when compared with 38.3 per cent in July 2013.

It says over the period, the unemployment rates among youths decreased for both males and females.

Meantime, STATIN says there were significant increases in employment in the Occupation group ‘Professionals, Senior Officials and Technicians’ which increased by 14,000 persons.

The agency says increases in employment were also observed in the group, ‘Elementary Occupations’, which increased from 142,100 persons in July 2013 to 147,900 persons in July 2014.

The group 'Craft and Related Trades Workers' had the largest decline for the period, moving from 141,800 in July 2013 to 136,300 in July 2014.

STATIN says the largest increase in the number of employed persons by Industry occurred in the groups ‘Hotels & Restaurants Services’ and ‘Education’.

Hotels and restaurants services had 7,800 more people employed while the number for education increased by 5,000.

STATIN says in July 2014, the number of persons in the Labour Force was 1,304,000, a decrease of 5,400 from the 1,309,400 recorded in July 2013.


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