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Poppy Appeal

Published:Wednesday | November 5, 2014 | 12:00 AM

IT?S THAT time of the year again when individuals islandwide will be seen sporting a replica of the poppy plant in commemoration of the soldiers who gave their lives in World War I.

?The raising of funds from the poppy appeal is a one-year effort that started from the launch which was on the first Sunday in October. The money that is raised is used primarily for the operation of the Curphey Home and the home for ex-soldiers that we have in Manchester,? Desmond Clarke, general secretary for the Jamaica Legion, told The Gleaner.

?Basically, we try all the time to raise as much as we can, although it is not sufficient in terms of filling all the expenditures that we have at the Curphey Home,? he added.

Clarke also noted that they receive grants from organisations such as the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, the Legion headquarters in England, and the Legion in Canada.

?Once we send the poppies out to the schools, then we will receive a contribution. The more we send out, the more we consume. For this year, so far, we have sent out half a million poppies,? he said.

?The only thing that is stopping us from sending out more is a lack of tins as we are having difficulties getting more as they are normally donated to us,? Clarke continued.

Heather Murray, president of the Principals? Association of Jamaica, also noted that the feedback from the students is usually good.

?The students are usually supportive of any initiative of this sort and they are accustomed to the poppy appeal. I also reminded them that our chapel was built with those veterans in mind because it is 100 years old this year,? she continued.