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Beloved pastor laid to rest

Published:Monday | November 10, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Staff members of the Spaldings Primary School perform at the thanksgiving service for the late Reverend Mark Graham, who spent a significant portion of his life doing ministry in the community. Photo by Tamara Bailey

Tamara Bailey, Gleaner Writer

The congregation at the Mandeville New Testament Church of God on Thursday, October 30, was filled with mixed emotion as they said their final farewell to former pastor of the Spaldings New Testament circuit of churches, Reverend Mark Graham.

Graham, who succumbed to his long battle with colon cancer at the age of 54, was remembered for his sterling service to church and community and an unimpeachable character.

"His demeanour was that of a focused young man who knew he was called and was willing to serve... the world needs more Mark Grahams," said Lois Gayle of the Waltham Park Road New Testament Church that Graham once pastored.

Graham's brother, Vincent Graham, in his tribute stated that his sibling's place cannot be filled and as he weeps for him, he also weeps for himself as the work is here to be continued.

With intermittent somber moments, punctuated by rounds of praise and worship, the congregation received an unusual dramatisation of Graham's quotes and actions by the youth department of the Spaldings New Testament Church, giving them a reason to smile in the face of great loss.

Graham was further described as a disciplinarian, a consummate father, a supportive husband and a prayer warrior who believed in being equipped for any given task. Born in St Mary, the beloved preacher gave a significant portion of his life to ministry and 13 of them were spent in Manchester.

Mourning his loss are wife Beverly, sons Mathew and Daniel, and his mother.