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Published:Thursday | November 13, 2014 | 11:00 AM

Once I get chik-V can I get it again or is my body now immune to it?

As of time of writing, there are three variants of the chikungunya virus. However, persons only get chikungunya infection ONCE.

Why does chik-V affect each person differently? Each

person tends to have a different story about how the virus affected them.

Like many infectious diseases, there will be wide variations in a person's response to the Chik-V infection. The factors that seem to contribute to this variation are the person's age, general health before the

infection, the amount of viruses injected into the person, the immune

system of the affected person, pregnancy, the strain of the virus and perhaps the genetic make up of the person. In general, older

individuals and babies, persons with underlying disease like diabetes and sickle cell disease and pregnant women tend to have a more severe