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Police warning for JLP conference

Published:Sunday | November 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM
File Police warn the persons engaged in practices such as this will be prosecuted _________________

The police have advised persons attending the Jamaica Labour Party's (JLP) annual conference at the National Arena today that no firearms, knives, drugs, ice picks, machetes, umbrellas (walking-stick type), glass bottles or any other items that can be used to cause serious harm or injury will be allowed inside the venues.

Delegates and supporters are also further advised that all persons entering the venues will be subject to search.

In addition, the police say no vending will be allowed outside of the designated areas and no provision will be made for the storage of prohibited or restricted items at any of the venues.

Motorists are also being reminded that all provisions of the Road Traffic Act will be strictly enforced.

In particular, drivers are being warned not to allow passengers to hang from the doors of motor buses, sit on top of motor vehicles, or have any part of the body whatsoever protruding from the motor vehicles.


Traffic changes will take effect at 8 a.m. to facilitate the smooth staging of the event.

n Arthur Wint Drive will be operated as a one way, beginning at North Avenue to Roosevelt Avenue. In addition, the section of Arthur Wint Drive between the Bob Marley statue and the main entrance to the National Arena will be converted to a pedestrian-only zone.

n Motorists travelling to the National Arena from the direction of Tom Redcam Avenue who wish to access the parking area at the top of Arthur Wint Drive must turn left on to Roosevelt Avenue, then right on to Stanton Terrace, then right on to Mountain View Avenue then make their way down Arthur Wint Drive.

n Only vehicles conveying patrons will be allowed to turn from Mountain View Avenue on to Arthur Wint Drive. However, these vehicles will not be allowed to

continue down Arthur Wint Drive, and must either park or make their way back on to Mountain View Avenue and out of the area.

n Members of the general public, including JUTC buses, will continue straight along Mountain View Avenue and will not be allowed to turn on to Arthur Wint Drive.


n Arthur Wint Drive

n Roosevelt Avenue

n Stanton Terrace

n Mountain View Avenue between Nannyville Gardens - Old Hope Road

n Latham Avenue

n North Avenue


n All road closures will be removed to allow for the free movement of traffic from the stadium.

n Arthur Wint Drive will be operated as one way from the stadium to Tom Redcam Avenue.

n Roosevelt Avenue will be operated as one way from the stadium to Stanton Terrace.

n Latham Avenue will be operated as one way from Roosevelt Avenue to Old Hope Road.

n Vehicles occupying the upper section of the car park will use the upper section of Arthur Wint Drive to exit.