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An attack of fathers is an attack on God

Published:Monday | November 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Fathers' Day march

If we are to experience change within the society there must be a restoration of the fathers (Malachi 4: 5-6). There are many attacks coming after the men/fathers. Many, including the fathers themselves, don't realise that in their capacity as fathers, they stand as a symbol of God (the father of us all) covering their families.

When they are missing in action, then there is no covering on their families, leaving them open to the elements. If we should check, we might find that the number-one root issue behind the high crime rate is the lack of a father.

Now, because of the symbolism of father, an attack against the fathers is an attack against God. Many things within the society today are designed to remove the fathers and destroy them - swing clubs, go-go clubs, gambling, lobby groups, feminist groups, secularists and others.

Father's role

Every child needs their father - for discipline, mentoring, for blessing. The father is the one who ought to train his children, bringing them up in the fear and admonition of God. The father is responsible for providing for the child to be what God wants him to be. He must nourish them tenderly, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. The father is God's first line of government on the Earth, and the family is the first government.

Any disciplining the mother does is an extension of the father's authority in the home - they are one! The husband/father must take leadership in the area of the family; and the wife/mother must be in submission of the father's responsibility, thus remaining covered under the head. Fathers ought not to provoke their children to wrath, neither should they overly discipline their children.

It is important to note to fathers: When you are deliberately missing in action from your children's lives, you are in fact provoking them to wrath in that respect because you are robbing them of their covering, their training and their future (Colossians 3: 20; Proverbs 1: 8).

Many children are fatherless. Most now look at a father as just a sperm donor; but a father is more than that. So, men should not even engage in selling their sperm.


There are so many good fathers out there who now feel unappreciated and discouraged because they are being thrown in the same cauldron as those who deliberately walk away from their sacred responsibility of fatherhood.

Fatherhood involves more than just monetary support. It involves self-sacrifice, spiritual and emotional support to his children.

Women, be aware of who you are taking on to yourselves as the question of marriage and the possibility of having children come to the fore. Be aware of moral deceptions - where it is said, 'If it feels good, I can do it!'

Beware of intellectual deceptions, which is when an individual believes that his opinion formed by his intellect is equal to or superior to the word of God!

Beware of sexual deceptions, which occurs when people reject the God-ordained, monogamous sexual relationship between a man and his wife as the only acceptable sexual relationship.

Many fathers today have abandoned their responsibilities because they are influenced and even threatened by some jealous and heartless women. These women threaten to hold back sex from these fathers, or refuse to sign immigration documents for their husband's children, for example, if he continues to take care of his children that are outside of their relationship. Some engage in serious witchcraft to bind or stop them from taking care of the children outside of their relationship.

A good woman encourages her man to take care of his children, which is his responsibility. She recognises that regardless of the circumstances from which they came, the children are not at fault. The children did not choose to be born.


to women

I encourage all women to let go and encourage the men to take care of their children. I also encourage all mothers who are bitter to see both sides. It is not just the man who is the real problem. I encourage the children not to hate their fathers, nor should they allow anyone to influence them into speaking negatively about their fathers. I encourage all the pastors to speak the truth when it comes to family and not to watch the offering plate. I encourage nations to put laws in place to bring those fathers into accountability that they will take care of their children!

I compliment all the women who stand alone and made every effort to do the job of both parents in raising their children, and raising them right! Your reward will be great.

n Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and Author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.