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Published:Monday | November 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Written and compiled by: Kareem LaTouche and Stephanie Lyew

Tech worD/term of the week:

IDE - The abbreviated IDE may be (1) integrated drive electronics or (2) integrated development environment. IDE may be used to refer to hardware or software, respectively. The definition will be dependent on where the abbreviation is printed.

IDE, when relating to hardware (that is integrated drive electronics), is also referred to as ATA (advanced technology attachment), which is the interface that manages the communication between the computer's system and the controllers within the disk drive or CD-ROM drive. Note briefly, the controllers are responsible for the communication or transfer of data between the computer and its peripheral devices, i.e. hard drives, printers, keyboards, etc. It is one of the first developed interfaces utilised by IBM and the most common hard drive interface that supports technology containing 540 MB of data. Enhanced IDE interfaces will be common for drives that support larger gigabytes (about 250GB or more) of data.

Integrated development environment are tools that software developers use during the production of software. IDE programmes include source code editors (which may be independent text editors and coding programmes or integrated into a software, i.e. integrated development environment or web-browser applications). These control the way items are uploaded, posted, created and appear within a software.

Tech NEWS:

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus arrive at LIME

LIME, the only authorised carrier in the English-speaking Caribbean of the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, has announced that the highly sought-after device will be available in Jamaica for the holiday season and went on sale in stores last Friday.

Considered globally as the most advanced smartphones to hit the market, the arrival of this latest innovation in the line of iPhones to LIME Caribbean markets was eagerly awaited.

On welcoming the latest innovation to LIME's stellar line-up of smartphones, Stephen Price, head of retail, expressed, "Our long-standing collaboration with Apple to provide the world's most in-demand smartphones for the people of Jamaica is evidence of our commitment to offer the most modern connectivity experience. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are just in time to upgrade our customers' expectations of us, while we continue to work to upgrade our network to make it better every day for them."

The new addition to the Galaxy!

So … It's about a month away from Christmas, and this is the most hectic time for a tech writer like me. I have got stacks of devices on my desk to review. I got my work cut out for me till the holidays arrive. Anyhow, let's cut this pile down by reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S this week.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is an Android tablet that has all the main features you would find on a Galaxy S5. The only difference is this is an 8.4-inch tablet, while the Galaxy S5 is much smaller. The Tab S shares many of the design pointers from the Galaxy S5 as well, like the soft-touch dot-effect back and physical home button on the front, which doubles as a fingerprint scanner, a fantastic high-resolution display and an octacore processor with 3GB of RAM. The whole device is governed by the latest Android 4.4 KitKat software; well, the latest as of now is the Android Lollipop OS, but that explanation can be saved for another time.

More than Just a Tablet

The truth about new devices these days are the improvements are not visual at all. It's always more memory this or more processor that or bigger screen this - none of which are really relevant to the consumer, but the Tab S has all that and a bit more. What does the Tab S offer that you can't find on another Android tablet? I present to you five points on that topic.

1. A fingerprint scanner that allows you to unlock your device using your own biometrics.

2. A lovely Super AMOLED 1600x2560-pixel display that is great for reading texts or watching movies.

3. An 8MP camera with flash to take photos in the dark.

4. A new magazine UI that is a part of the home screen, which makes the user experience with this tablet wonderfully fresh.

5. This tablet is extremely light and thin. After hours of using this tablet, I can say it is the lightest and thinnest Android tablet I have used so far.

Final thoughts

For a price tag that's around J$60,000, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S isn't the cheapest Android tablet I have seen, but with such great craftmansihip and attention to detail, I can honestly say it may be one of the few Android tablets that will withstand the test of time.

The products mentioned in this article were provided courtesy of Samsung Experience Store in Tropical Plaza.

Check out my video review on The Gleaner's website.

Writer: Payton H. Wilmott

Apps this Week for Android, Apple and BB

Temple Run 2 for Android: The Temple Run game series on Android is a thrilling application to be added to the collection of free downloads. It has been labelled as an addictive game with the tactics that surround stealing a cursed idol from a temple and having evil monkeys chase the main character (you) through various scenes and obstacle courses, including mazes, cliffs and throughout the ancient temples. It will literally keep you on your heels. The recent updates include improved graphics, upgrading and unlocking new characters, larger monkeys, more power-ups and achievements, as well as added obstacles.

MadRas! for Apple (iPhone): The following game application is developed by a local Jamaican app developer, Jason Solomon. It was designed out of a sheer interest in creating entertaining and educational applications.

The initial plot for the MadRas! application involved a Rasta character in possession of marijuana with the main goal of escaping police officers in pursuit. However, it was created only for Apple iOS platform and the concept was rejected.

The developer returned to the drawing board only to reinvent MadRas! as a Rasta character collecting vegetables throughout a plot that requires players to utilise the gyroscope (tilt the iPhone to direct the Rasta), while avoiding contact with the flying pigs. Players receive 10 lives per game. If the player hits pigs 10 times throughout the exploration, all lives are used up and the game ends with the total points collected with each vegetable acquired.

iTunes accepted the new idea for the MadRas! gaming application then released the app on October 31. It is currently priced at 99 cents in the iTunes (Apple) App store.

Fruit Ninja for Windows: Fruit Ninja is not considered new to the gaming world; it is an 'oldie but goodie'. It was developed and released in 2013, and the most recent update was last June. The application takes up approximately 20MB of internal memory.

The goal of the Fruit Ninja game is to slice, slash and splatter fruits that appear on the screen by swiping fingers across the graphics as each appears on the screen. Bombs are also dispelled, but any contact with a bomb will end the player's adventure.