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Outameni questions for the PM ... What the Opposition wants to know

Published:Tuesday | November 18, 2014 | 5:04 PM
Andrew Holness - File

The Opposition today followed through on its promise to table more questions to the Prime Minister about the controversial Outameni purchase by the National Housing Trust (NHT).

The government has been under pressure since The Gleaner reported that the NHT has spent $180 million to buy the Trelawny-based property, which critics argue was outside of the mandate of the trust.

Here's what the Opposition wants the Prime Minister to address:


Tabled in the House of Representatives on November 18, 2014

1. Will the Prime Minister state whether she received correspondence or information from a Mr. Lennie Little-White or any party, within or external to the Government offering for sale or advising of the acquisition of lands and/or other assets related to the Outameni Experience, and if so when did she receive such correspondence or information?

2. Will the Prime Minister submit all correspondence related to the transactions; whether they be letters, notes, recordings, contracts or any other information in relation to the discussions on Outameni from all Ministries, Ministers and Government officials including the Minister and Ministry of Tourism and all correspondence to the Office of the Prime Minister and to the Prime Minister?

3. Will the Prime Minister advise the House of the full expenditure both expected and already expended in the purchase of any asset related to the Outameni Experience by the NHT?

4. Will the Prime Minister advise the House of any debt written off by any Government Agency in relation to the Outameni Experience and state the value of such debt?

5. Will the Prime Minister advise the House as to whether Mr. Lennie Little-White or any business with which he is involved or has been involved undertaken political work or campaign related activities for the governing political party whether through campaign contributions of cash or kind, or contracted work?

6. Will the Prime Minister tell the House whether she has had any meetings or correspondence with the members of the board or executive of the NHT or interested parties in relation to the acquisition pertaining to Orange Grove/Outameni Experience and if so:

a. Provide details of such meetings and conversations.

b. Provide to the house any document that was presented before, during or after these meetings, conversations, or consultations?

7. Will the Prime Minister tell the House whether the legal entity that operated the business known as the Outameni Experience fulfilled all its statutory obligations in terms of but not limited to NHT contributions, Paye Taxes, NIS obligations or any other legally required obligations up to the time of the conclusion of the sale?

8. Will the Prime Minister indicate whether she has had any briefing from or meeting with he NHT Board on matters related to the acquisition of lands at orange Grove since becoming aware of same?

9. Can the Prime Minister state the cost incurred by the NHT to date to manage the property/facility at orange Grove since its acquisition, including the salary paid to any property manager or project manager?

Andrew Holness, MP

Leader of the Opposition

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