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Floyd Green calls for impeachment, recall

Published:Wednesday | November 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM

IN A no-holds-barred presen-tation on Sunday, Floyd Green, the president of Generation 2000, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) affiliate arm of young professionals, urged his leader Andrew Holness to take strong action against errant and negligent members of parliament (MPs).

"Leader, it is time for significant change to our Westminster-type of government," asserted Green at the party's 71st annual conference. "Five years is too long to put up with non-performing MPs."

Green argued that the system of government on which Jamaica operates was built on honour and respect.

However, he com-plained that over the years many parliamen-tarians on both sides of the divide have fallen too short. "They lack honour and don't even respect themselves, much less the people they represent," he said.

"It is full time that we amend our Constitution to be able to impeach public officials and recall members of parliament," added Green.

The man who is expected to represent the JLP in South West St Elizabeth charged that all too frequently, Jamaicans have seen politicians parade up and down their constituencies to get the vote and then abandon them over the next five years.

"Time and time again, there is no representation, regardless of which party wins ... this must stop, the young people will not tolerate it," he declared.

The political aspirant charged that the people of South West St Elizabeth now bear that burden. "It is time for us to ensure that the people who put you there, don't have to wait five years to take you back out."

Added Green: "That is accountability and the only way we will see prosperity is when we hold our leaders accountable."

The young political leader who grew up in St Elizabeth, accused the Government of being disrespectful to the people of Jamaica.

"Because, what we see all around us, by their deeds and their words, is not respect; instead, what we see is no respect, disrespect in every aspect," he said.

He lamented that standards are declining daily among the young. "We are turned off by how low we have sunken as a country and how our leaders are allowed to get away with almost anything with no consequence."

Said Green: "When the leader of government business can say him running a joke about rape in the Upper House, it is clear to me that we are in a crisis ... when since is rape a joke thing?"