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Published:Tuesday | November 25, 2014 | 12:00 AM

With the expectation of an increase in travel for the Christmas period, the Ministry of Health now has protocols in place for persons travelling from Ebola-affected countries within a 21-day period.

The following steps will be taken for persons who are not experiencing symptoms but have travelled to an Ebola-affected country:

1 Person will be interviewed at the airport on arrival and asked questions regarding symptoms, travel pattern and contact with suspected or confirmed cases of Ebola.

2 If they were in an Ebola-affected country under 21 days, they will be quarantined at home and monitored twice daily by the health team, plus twice daily self-checks for 21 days from the time of leaving the affected country.

3 Person will be instructed to contact the health team if symptoms develop.

4 If the individual

experiences symptoms, he or she will be transported to an Ebola treatment centre, isolated, tested and the appropriate management done.

5 Family and close contacts will then be quarantined and monitored for a further 21 days.