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Why can't we wait?

Published:Wednesday | November 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Why can't we wait?

The Editor, Sir:

One of my pet peeves is drivers blaring their horns whenever there is a lull in traffic. This practice is illegal but seems to be a reflex action in modern times.

This morning at about 8:15, I was driving northerly along Red Hills Road. In the region of Sunrise Crescent, an apparently disabled truck was parked on the right side of the road. In order to ensure a fairly smooth flow both ways during the 'peak hour', a policeman on the scene beckoned me to stop. I obeyed.

The policeman then went up the road to ensure that vehicles coming from behind the disabled truck could proceed. After waiting a while, I heard the cacophony of horns engaging behind me. I decided to ignore them. Eventually, the lull in traffic caused some back-up, as vehicles were entering the main road from a minor road behind my vehicle. As such, some vehicles that had passed the disabled truck, now had to stop. During the excitement, I waited patiently for the policeman to release me, so that perhaps a better flow would have ensued, as there could be no smooth flow as long as the disabled vehicle was there.

To add to the scene, an apparent 'robot', full to capacity, and coming from the opposite direction, had passed the disabled vehicle, because of the policeman's initiative. Notwithstanding, the driver now wanted to continue without interruption and so started to tell me what to do to facilitate his 'progress'. My explanation that the police had stopped me fell on deaf ears, and so we had a a short, but lively 'debate'. Of course, the policeman eventually returned, gave me the go ahead and all seemed to be well afterwards.

Why can't we wait? Should we not obey the police anymore? This is the second time, recently, that I have been confronted after obeying their instructions to 'stop'. Perhaps I have not seen the relevant memo amending the Road Traffic Act and the road code!

Eberle Dawes