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Published:Monday | December 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Walter Brown, chief technology officer at LIME Jamaica. - File

Written and compiled by Kareem LaTouche and Stephanie Lyew

Apps this Week for Android, Apple and WINDOWS

Equalizer by Smart Android Apps for Android: This
Android application may be limited as it relates to the music player
that is recommended to Android users in order for it to work smoothly.
Equalizer is a music-player application that allows users to make sound
changes to music, but works best with Google Play Music. It does,
however, synchronise with the Android Music Player that most Android
devices have pre-installed.

The Equalizer app has 12 stock
presets, as well as a wide range of settings such as the five-band
equalizer, bass booster, reverb presets, and the option to make
downloaded music sound like it is playing live. Android users that go to
Google Play to download Equalizer will have the option to purchase the
unlock key so that the app can work with other players uninterrupted.

The ratings for the Equalizer app currently stands at 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Equalizer Plus for Apple (iPhone): The
Equalizer+ application is mainly a music player quality-volume booster.
It may be used directly as the music player on the iPhone or to adjust
the quality of the sound coming from the existing music player. It
requires iOS 7.0 or later and is optimised for iPhone 5.

The user
can access the music library with their downloaded music and play each
song while making their preferred sound presets. These presets can be
saved for another day instead of having to change settings each time the
music library is accessed. Equalizer+ has 13 presets, which include
growing electronic dance music sounds, a five-band equalizer for low
bass to highs, and all settings give the impressions that the music was
professionally rendered.

Thus far, Equalizer+ has better customer
reviews than the popular EQ 10 application, due to the speed which does
not lag with updates.

Lexis Audio Editor for Windows:
Some devices on the mobile Windows platform have limited audio and
music player equalizers, while others have none. However, the Lexis
Audio Editor may be purchased and installed to Windows phones to make
preferred changes to music already stored to the device. The application
has a 10-band equalizer setting, the option to record and edit audio
files with microphone accessories, and noise reduction settings. The app
requires Windows 8.1 and if users plan to record long tracks with the
recent bug fix, it is best to have a SD card with ample space to store
the audio files.

Tech word/term of the week

Repeater - An electronic transmitter that can receive a signal and regenerates it at an amplified frequency. For example, a repeater can pick up a wireless network signal in a home and broadcast it at a wider distance or range. Most repeaters are comprised of two antennas, a radio receiver, transmitter and an amplifier within its structure.

It is beneficial to use a repeater if you have a large home or office with many obstacles - that is, hard columns and large walls between each room. Repeaters are used in satellite networks, fibre-optic networks, cellular-telephone systems, and any type of digital communications systems to distribute the service from a provider.

With a series of repeaters placed strategically, i.e. more than 3,000 metres and less than 8,000 metres apart, it lessens the chances of the electromagnetic signal weakening.

St Thomas goes 4G with LIME

St Thomas has been upgraded to LIME 4G HSPA+ mobile Internet speed. The telecommunications firm has announced that customers in the eastern-most parish will now get on-the-go connectivity of up to 21MB per second.

"We are very pleased to announce that yet another milestone has been accomplished in the rollout of our mobile-network upgrade and expansion," said LIME Chief Technology Officer Walter Brown.

"Our mobile sites in the parish have been equipped to deliver a more powerful experience on the LIME network and residents can now conduct video streaming, downloading, and much more at even faster Internet speeds while on the move," Brown confirmed.

According to Brown, the company is excited about the enhanced services that it will be able to offer to professionals, business persons and students in the parish. Customers in the eastern towns of Yallahs and Morant Bay began feeling the effects of the upgrade as early as October of this year.

"These enhanced speeds will deliver a significant benefit to these emerging commercial and residential areas," he added.

New website gives information on proposed development projects

Jamaicans now have greater access to information about infrastructure developments and their environmental impact via Development Alert!, a new interactive website created by the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET), World Resources Institute (WRI), and The Access Initiative, with support from software developers Blue Raster, USA.

The website,, uses an interactive GIS map of Jamaica to provide easy-to-understand information about approved or proposed projects that are likely to have significant health, environmental, social, or cultural impact. It includes development projects such as highways, housing and hotel developments, energy projects, water abstraction, forest removal, and mining. The map also shows Jamaica's protected areas.

Jamaica Environment Trust maintains and updates the site as new projects come on stream, using government information obtained through the Access to Information Act.

Visitors to the site can learn about projects before a decision is made to approve or reject them. Information on the site includes dates of public meetings to discuss proposed projects and contact information for the relevant government agencies that can be contacted with questions, comments and concerns. Users can sign up for email alerts on specific locations or projects.

Anyone can upload information on projects that they see happening. This will help bring attention to illegal projects that may have started without the approval from the relevant authorities.

With greater access to information, citizens and communities now have the opportunity to influence key decision-making.

"This website will reduce secrecy in decisions made about the use of natural resources and stimulate greater public discourse and participation in development issues," said Danielle Andrade, legal director of the Jamaica Environment Trust.