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AUDIO ... Tivoli Enquiry: Lloyd D’Aguilar gets thrown out

Published:Tuesday | December 2, 2014 | 11:47 AM
Lloyd D'Aguilar (forefront) making a statement at the enquiry at the Jamaica Conference Center yesterday. - Jermaine Barnaby photo

Convenor of the Tivoli Committee Lloyd D’Aguilar again got in trouble as the second day of the Tivoli Enquiry got underway this morning, with the Chairman of the Commission Sir David Simmons losing patience and throwing him out.

The decision to evict the Tivoli Committee convenor came after he interrupted the cross examination of the second witness to appear before the commission.

Attorney for the Jamaica Defense Force Peter Champagnie was questioning a witness, Granville Roy Johnson, about the events of the May 2010 incursion.

Champagnie was asking Johnson a series of questions about the witness statements he had given.

Johnson then became agitated and asked about having a lawyer present to represent him.

At this point D'Aguilar interrupted and complained to Simmons that Champagnie was "harassing" the witness.

Linton Gordon, another attorney for the JDF then objected to D'Aguilar's interruption, noting that he was not an attorney.

This triggered a verbal clash between D’Aguilar, Gordon and Sir David.

Sir David then ordered that he be removed from the room, but D’Aguilar did not leave before calling him a “political hack”.

Meanwhile, the lawyer for the Tivoli Committee, Michael Lorne, says he did not believe that the attorney for the JDF was out of line in his cross examination of the witness during this morning’s sitting of the Tivoli Enquiry.

Lorne says he saw no reason to intervene.

He says while some persons may find some of the questions difficult the purpose of a cross-examination is to help unearth the truth.

Lorne says the Tivoli Committee convenor, Lloyd D’Aguilar, may need to exercise more patience and allow the process to unfold.

The attorney emphasised that the Tivoli Enquiry is an important exercise and that the Tivoli Committee has a critical role to play.

The attorney says he plans to hold discussions with the Commissioners to get them to allow D’Agular to be allowed to return to the hearings at some later.