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D'Aguilar warned; removal suggested

Published:Tuesday | December 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Lloyd D'Aguilar (right) of theTivoli Comittee making a statement on behalf of the Tivoli Gardens residents at the Jamaica Conference Centre yesterday. - Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer

With a threat to boot him from sessions of the Commission of Enquiry into the May 2010 military incursion in Tivoli Gardens hanging over his head, Lloyd D'Aguilar, convener of the Tivoli Committee, continued to wrestle with Chairman David Simmonds.

D'Aguilar incurred Simmond's wrath early in the day after accusing the commission of attempting to sideline him. He returned after the first break to make a charge of bias.

He was later ordered not to speak and to allow his lawyers to speak on his behalf. D'Aguilar persisted and characterised the commission as being biased since he was not able to represent himself.

After the lunch break, he again took up from where he had left off.

D'Aguilar was announcing his presence in the absence of his attorneys, Miguel Lorne and Carol Dacosta, when he was urged to be guided by his lawyers.

When Simmonds expressed agreement that lawyers should be given the mandate to manage witnesses, D'Aguilar reacted with fury.

"You are marginalising my role. What is the basis on which you make that assertion? By agreeing that there is a lack of competence on my part?" asked D'Aguilar. "Can you cite the provision in law for that basis?"

Simmonds characterised D'Aguilar's conduct as aggressive, to which he responded: "I am defending my right. You say that is aggressive?"

As he took on the chairman about what he believed was the questionable nature of the terms of reference, Simmonds warned him that if he failed to desist from uttering derogatory comments, he would be removed.

- G. S.