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Safety tips for shoppers

Published:Tuesday | December 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM
File Hundreds of shoppers on Beckford Street, downtown Kingston, days before Christmas, 2012.

Despite their increased presence on the streets of downtown Kingston for the Christmas season, the police are urging persons in the market district to adopt safe practices and be vigilant to reduce the risk of being robbed.

According to the police, shoppers can apply the following safety measures, among others, throughout the season

n Ensure valuable personal possessions, excess cash and high-end electronic devices such as are properly secured or concealed. This reduces the likelihood of being targeted.

n Avoid wearing excessive jewellery, particularly gold, especially when traversing commercial areas with high pedestrian density.

n Always ensure vehicle and house keys are easily accessible, to minimise the time it takes to enter homes and vehicles.

n Always try to walk in well-lit areas. If possible, never walk alone.

n Be aware of your surroundings. If you think you are being followed, immediately proceed to a crowded area.

n Try to avoid carrying too many bags at once. This limits your ability to respond promptly to possible attacks.

n Do not leave valuables on the back of car seats or in visible areas inside the vehicle.

n Be vigilant at crowded hair salons and barber shops, as criminals have been known to target these places, especially during this season.

n If you are using a car park, as best as possible select an area that provides flexibility and a clear view when leaving and entering your vehicle.

n Always be conscious of your environment and do not be distracted by cell phone conversations on route to/from a financial institution.

n Be mindful of persons soliciting rides or asking for directions, especially persons pretending to know you or persons known to someone you might be acquainted with.