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Vaz hits ground running, pressures Portia about roads, community centre

Published:Wednesday | December 3, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Dwayne Vaz, People's National Party winner of the Central Westmoreland by-election, is being congratulated by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller. - Ian Allen/Photographer

AN ANNOUNCEMENT by People's National Party (PNP) President Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller on Monday night that she would be assisting newly elected Central Westmoreland Member of Parliament Dwayne Vaz to improve the social and physical infrastructure in the constituency was greeted with fanfare by party supporters in Independence Park, Savanna-la-Mar.

Simpson Miller, while addressing the meeting, said of Vaz that "every time him sit wid me, he is like 'Leader, you see that old community centre at Hartford, you going have to help me to get a new one'.

"A promise you, I am going to help you to get a new one," Simpson Miller said.

The PNP leader presented Richard Azan, a state minister in the transport, works and housing ministry, to the supporters as if to say he will be the man leading the efforts to get a new community centre in place.

"A promise the new member of parliament, I am going to have a meeting in Kingston with some big people and himself, that he can make representation on behalf of all of you," Simpson Miller said.

With party supporters reveling in a show of gratitude for the intervention of Simpson Miller, one woman shouted, "Is that we want long time."

"Down yah a fi unno [PNP], a fi di whole a wi and look how it tan," another woman shouted, while adding that the type of representation being made by Vaz was long needed in the constituency.

Resident's Complaints

"We want Sav health centre to fix, too," the woman bellowed, as her voice struggled to compete with the vuvuzelas which blared through the air as the PNP celebrated election success.

On tours across the constituency, residents complained about the poor state of many of their roads, the absence or intermittent supply of water, the need for employment and social amenities, such as community centres, as major needs in the constituency.

Vaz said he will be having regular meetings with his councillors and residents to decide on the priorities for the constituency.

One PNP supporter bellowed at Vaz saying, "A yuh shoulda inna the seat long time."