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Christmas wish list: My wish for 2015...

Published:Thursday | December 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Jewel Blackwood
Orlando Knight
Trishanna Archer

Tamara Bailey, Gleaner Writer

Manchester, Jamaica

Here's a look at some persons' wishes for the year 2015.

Jewel Blackwood

"In the year 2015, I will have a more positive outlook on life, even in the midst of struggle. The fact that the mind is a powerful thing and that there is power in thoughts and spoken words, has been emphasised over and over. As a result, my friends and colleagues will hear me use the phrases: 'I am multitalented, supersmart and affluent', 'It can be done' and 'With God as my Father, anything is possible'."

"I also plan to strengthen my faith in God. One of the ways I will accomplish this is by improving my willingness to give, even when it seems I have nothing to give. It warms my heart to know that I can make someone else smile."

"I wish that, in 2015, all Jamaicans will place greater value on respect for each other. Whatever happened to 'manners tek yuh chu di worl'? Too many times, people forget or choose not to say 'thank you', 'good morning', 'please', etc. I notice a worrying trend that children in even rural communities who walk by without acknowledging the people they pass and vice versa ... we know that dreams can come true, so I am hopeful that all these things will come to pass."

Orlando Knight

"My Christmas wishes and for the new year simply stem from my philosophy. My philosophy is, simply, love, honesty and productivity.

I wish to extend this philosophy to Jamaica, the Caribbean and the world on the whole. If we love each other, we will do what we must to ensure that others are taken care of. We will share our resources, cash, kind and knowledge. Many have the know-how to make things better, but seek to keep this knowledge within a certain sect or to themselves. Others have tried to share knowledge on the issues we face and to convey it to the public. We need to be honest about our current financial situation as a country, and indeed as a planet. Be honest with yourselves. If you cannot afford it currently, work towards it, borrow less or not at all and be more productive to achieve it. If we practise this in our homes, our country automatically has to take this approach, and ultimately the globe."

Trishanna Archer

"For the year 2014, we faced many challenges as a nation and, as we look to the year ahead, I wish for each Jamaican to become even more involved in volunteerism and to play our part continually in Jamaica's advancement. It is also my hope to see us having better access to health care and our disabled community offered more opportunities to provide for themselves. Most important, I would be grateful to see a paradigm shift in some of our negative norms - 'informa fi dead' culture. We must begin to set new objectives and priorities for the upcoming period and commit ourselves to implementing them; beginning from where local governance starts, our homes. To this end, I would really like to thank the unsung heroes of this generation, including 'stay at home parents' and taxi operators. Their work and contribution to this nation ought to be validated and appreciated in the year 2015.

My flagship initiative remains the organising of communities while creating positive impact in individual lives, and I shall do my utmost to achieve its implementation. In my own way, I must become the change I wish to see. Finally, I wish for everyone a very happy, peaceful, healthy and successful 2015."