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Cops on watch in Old Harbour

Published:Thursday | December 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM
File A section of Old Harbour, St Catherine.

The Old Habour police will intensify efforts to ensure that law and order prevail in the town during the Christmas holidays.

Superintendent Ian Mowatt said the perennial problem of congestion in the small township especially from motorists who from time to time disobey the road traffic laws will be among other areas targeted by the police in efforts to keep peace and protect shoppers and other persons going about lawful business.

According to the superintendent, an increased number of traffic cops and regular police patrols will be seen on most streets leading into the town on a consistent basis.

"The mere presence of the police on these streets will act as a deterrent to people who are considering breaking the law. They will think twice when they see a police officer," the senior cop told The Gleaner.

Mowatt said the issue of illegal vending where people display goods on sidewalks and store fronts has long been a problem, and with the holidays approaching there will be more people trying to make a living by involving in this illegal practice.

"The police will be making a concerted effort to remove them so they don't add to the congestion and impede business owners, shoppers and generally people moving about lawfully," the superintendent stressed.

Meanwhile, The Gleaner visited the town and observed a number of vendors taking up positions on sidewalks along East Street, the main thoroughfare in the town and some side streets leading from the main road.

One vendor, Marvaree Morgan who travels from Central Village in the parish to Old Harbour to sell her goods, told The Gleaner that she was prepared to elude the cops when she sees them coming her way.

"I just have to move and wait until them gone because this is how I survive to take care of my two pickney. I have it rough; no father, me alone," she said.