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Police boost for Christmas season

Published:Thursday | December 4, 2014 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey

Manchester, Jamaica

The Manchester police will be strengthening its efforts to maintain order during the yuletide season which began November 1, and will continue through January 2, 2015. Persons can expect to see an increased number of police personnel, throughout various sections of the town, conducting routine and special checks.

According to Superintendent of Police Melvin Brown, the town centre will be sterile from 5 p.m., December 24 through to the end of Christmas day.

"Vehicles approaching the town from Main Street will make a right turn at the vicinity of the Holsum Bakery on to Race Course Road and onto Caledonia road. Vehicles entering the town centre coming from Ward Avenue will turn right at the Top Loaf Bakery onto Manchester Plaza. Vehicles coming from Knockpatrick/Manchester road into the town centre will make a right turn on to Grove Road, then a right turn at the stoplight onto Perth Road and onto Caledonia Road. If commuters intend to go westerly to the St Elizabeth region then they will be required to make a left at the stop light just at MegaMart."

He continued: "It is customary that we expect to receive increased economic activities as well as pedestrian and vehicular traffic. As a result, our operational plans will be sensitive to the economic and social changes.

"Vending along the sidewalk and along certain streets is prohibited. The use of firecrackers and explosives in public places is prohibited and the police will exercise zero tolerance toward this. We ask those who own establishments that sell alcohol to bear in mind the closing time of 12 midnight for bars and 4 a.m. for clubs."

Carr stated that there will be increased foot patrols; mobile patrols, vehicle stop and check, and people check points in bus parks, commercial areas and other busy locations.