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Published:Monday | December 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Gladstone Taylor / Photographer 14 weddings on february 14, 2014
Gladstone Taylor / Photographer 14 weddings on february 14, 2014
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon. Others from left are, Eric Vernon, St. Theresa Allen, Silvera Castro, O.D., J.P., Marriage Officer.
Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer Couple Ramois and Candace McIntosh cosy up while watching the other couples sign their marriage certificate during 14-14-14
Steve Lyston

As the institution of marriage continues to come under attack, in particular within the Christian countries, it is the duty of all Christians to pray for God-given illumination. There is a difference between illumination and inspiration. Illumination refers to the influence of the Holy Spirit which helps Christians to grasp the things of God (I Corinthians 2:4; Matthew 16:17) All spiritual knowledge must be by revelation.

The Christian marriages are under attack by Canaanite cults. God has given Christians the resource of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Christians need to be wary of theologians who want to interpret Scripture without a belief in or acceptance of the Holy Spirit! That is very dangerous! Many people are turning away from Christianity because they are tired of religiosity, they want to see the power of God manifest in

their lives.

There are three stages of

marriage recorded in the Bible that all Christians should know.

1. Contract (Genesis 29:15-20; Genesis 24: 33, 51-54, 57-58)

2. Consummation (Genesis 29: 21-26; Genesis 24: 64-67)

3. Celebration (Genesis 29:27-28)

Once one becomes married, it becomes a contract and a consent to have sex. What happens once the contract is breached - even through withholding sex? (I want to hear what the legal minds have to say about that!)

What happens when a

contract is breached? When a contract is breached, it becomes voidable. So the party in the right can terminate! Hence, divorce lawyers and the courts will be making a lot of money

at the expense of family.

Christian marriages are what is deemed as covenant marriages! The devil hates it because it becomes a threefold chord which is not easily broken. What people should be

lobbying for, instead, is for laws to be put in place to deal with adultery and fornication, and deal with those going beyond the scriptural boundaries of marriage, and ensure that there be restitution, physically and financially, to those they have hurt.

An attack on Christian

marriages is ultimately and attack on the Church. When married people engage in sex, it is spiritual warfare against the enemy, because what we are in fact doing is reproducing the image of God in which we were made and procreating as He instructed.



1. You must invest in your sex life.

2. Anoint both you and your spouse's sexual areas each day. This is to ensure against premature ejaculation, mind attacks during sex, low feeling, loss of sexual desire for you, losing interest in sex, witchcraft from people who want to break up your marriage.

3. Good sex brings healing and joy and lets you relax at work and helps you think

clearly. This not only supports mental health, but is part of prosperity as well.

4. Your sex life is the most important part of the marriage. God wants you to enjoy sex,

the enemy does not want you t

o enjoy it in marriage; he, instead, wants to go after sex

in ungodly relationships, and using unnatural devices.

5. Ask the Lord to cut off all soul ties with past lovers, and free your mind of them and yourself of the feelings! Don't bring the past relationships and issues into the present one.

6. Irish moss, carrot juice, barley, pumpkin seed, soursop and soursop leaf are good for both you and your spouse!

In addition to the nutritional value, these serve to enhance

a person's sex life.

7. Drink a lot of water before having sex.

8. Exercise at least twice per week.

9. Play romantic music,

particularly the ones you liked when you first met each other.

10. Try different positions,

not just the missionary position. And try different places too - your swimming pool, the car, the beach, variety is the spice of life.

11. Give each other a massage and help each other to relax.

12. Do not allow the children to interfere with your sex life! Send them over to the grandparents for the weekend and go relax at a hotel, or enjoy dinner and a movie.

In addition to that, good, home-cooked chicken soup and a good warm bath also helps.

Pray the word of God daily to have a successful marriage and a good sex life! Remember that the enemy is working overtime to destroy covenant marriages.

n Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.