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‘Do away with mental poverty’ Investor Forum tells Entrepreneurs

Published:Tuesday | December 9, 2014 | 12:01 AM
Contributed Picture: Jason McPherson, investment advisor at Mayberry Investments presents a gift basket to Michelle Smith, chief executive officer of Chocolate Dreams after her thorough presentation 'Entrepreneurship: Path to Success' at the Mayberry Investments Forum last Wednesday at the Knutsford Court Hotel.
Contributed Picture: From left: Latoya Haylette, investment advisor at Mayberry Investments and Sushil Jain (right), director Mayberry welcome panelists, Chester Stewart - (second left), chief executive officer of Green Sun Energy; Michelle Smith- chief executive officer of Chocolate Dreams and Stephen Steele - chairman I-Print Digital, to the monthly Mayberry  Investment's Forum.

Mayberry Investments Limited hosted its investor's forum last Wednesday at the Knutsford Court Hotel - Blue Mountain Suite. Moderated by accountant and director Sushil Jain, the panel included Chester Stewart, chief executive officer at Green Sun Energy Plus; Michelle Smith, chief executive officer of Chocolate Dreams; and Stephen Steele, chairman of I-Print Digital. Their theme was 'Entrepreneurship: Path to Success'.

Jain urged Jamaicans to change their way of thinking and their approach to making money.

"We need to tell everyone in Jamaica to do away with the mentality of poverty. People feel they are owed something," Jain said. He began to address the audience on a recent statement made by multibillionaire Jack Ma, founder of the China-based Alibaba e-commerce site.

It was reported that Jack Ma said, "If you are still poor at 35, you deserve it."

Jain said it needs to be plastered on banners and taught in schools, adding that education can aid in wealth creation, but pointed out that many technology billionaires did not finish college.

Yearly growth

Stewart told investors that his company continues to grow, with sales being increased every year since its inception. Green Sun Energy Plus was founded in 2012 and offers energy-saving bulbs, along with wind and solar solutions, for business and households.

According to Stewart, "Opportunities will always come the more you make yourself available. Now, Green Sun Energy Plus is looking at explosive growth and has seen significant growth from the first year in business. We have been accepted in the market and that drives our growth. We are looking to up our sales 10 times more at the end of our second year."

"We knew we had a market for energy-saving items. Electricity rates are very high compared to our trading partners'. Once the customer realises that, there would be some shift and a tipping point, and saving money is making money." Stewart added.

Placing focus on family and community are Michelle Smith's pillars of success. She stated that, through Chocolate Dreams, she has been looking at the correlation between money and success, saying that through ideas, ambition and determination, businesses are born and the road to success is paved.

Stephen Steele emphasised that, for him, money is everything. Quoting 18th century economist Adam Smith's words: 'It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, baker, the brewer that we get our daily sustenance, but it is their pursuit of self-interest.' Steele added that he believes in Smith's sentiments and money should not be to the detriment of others, but for the upliftment of workers and the country as a whole.

The investment house hosts the Mayberry Investors' Forum each month.