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Tivoli Enquiry: Witness corroborates Joan McCarthy's claims

Published:Tuesday | December 9, 2014 | 7:17 PM
Paulton Edwards - Ian Allen photos

A witness has given testimony at the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry supporting an elderly woman's claims that members of the security forces allegedly shot and killed her son-in-law Dwayne Edwards and grand-nephew Andre Smith in her home on May 24, 2010.

Joan McCarthy recounted, in a chilling testimony this morning, how Edwards and Smith were killed.

McCarthy was today's first witness and several times broke down in tears as she told the Tivoli Enquiry of the bloody mess she discovered in a room of her house where she believes her relatives were shot dead.

She said Dwayne and Andre, were among a group of residents the soldiers and police assembled on the ground floor of her apartment building.

She alleged that the two were among four men ordered to go up to the third floor in the company of the police, who said they were going to carry out a search of the apartments.

McCarthy said the next time she saw them, their lifeless bodies were being taken downstairs wrapped in sheets.

She was supported by 58-year-old radio technician, Paulton Edwards, who despite pressure from lawyers for the security forces, insisted that the police took the men upstairs and shot them.

Both witnesses testified that no one was left in the apartments after the police and soldiers ordered everyone downstairs and that no one else, except the police and four men, including Dwayne and Andre, returned upstairs.

Only McCarthy and Edwards testified today and the enquiry ended an hour earlier as a scheduled witness did not turn up.

The hearing continues tomorrow.


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