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All I want for Christmas is ...

Published:Wednesday | December 10, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Danisha Miller
Oshawne Stennett
Shenelle Gayle
Justin Henry
Orlando Weise
Twan Burgess
Chad McDougall
Shantae Panton
Deon Blanchette
Rajay Cameron

Children from several inner-city communities across the Corporate Area were asked to say what they wanted for Christmas. Here's what they had to say.

Allman Town, Kingston

(1) Oshawne Stennett - 13

"I would really love to get a notebook (computer) for my Christmas because the money is hard to find sometimes to go to the Internet café. I also find it very challenging to get assignments done. For subjects such as social studies and science, you must do a lot of research, so I would greatly appreciate some assistance."

(2) Danisha Miller - 2

I would love to get a tablet to play games.

(3) Shenelle Gayle - 10

"For my Christmas, I would like to get a laptop to help me with my homework because I want to advance myself, especially because I will be doing GSAT (Grade Six Achievement Test) soon."

(4) Justin Henry - 13

"I would really like to get a tablet so that I can do my homework. I have always wanted one, but because my family cannot afford it, I will just have to wait."

(5) Orlando Weise - 4

"I want a tablet to play games and to do my homework."

Denham Town, Kingston

(1) Twan Burgess - 8

"I want a tablet for my Christmas. A (building) block drop pon mi foot last week and I can't go to school, so a tablet would make me very happy."

(2) Shantae Panton - 15

"I am currently in grade nine and I have a lot of books, so I would love a tablet for my Christmas. My room is very small and it becomes overcrowded sometimes. Another problem is that the books are very heavy on my back, so I would love to get something that would make things easier for me."

(3) Deon Blanchette - 5

"I want a dolly and ice cream because last week was my birthday and I didn't get anything, so I want to have something to remember."

(4) Chad McDougall - 13

"Sometimes I get very bored around here (his community), so I would want a tablet to play with."

(5) Rajay Cameron - 16

"I hope I will able to get a tablet to do my work and assist me in enhancing myself as a student."