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Markets return to glory days - 'Out With the Drought and in With the Stock'; Markets back on track with Produce

Published:Thursday | December 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM
A vendor in the Mandeville Market, Lorraine Stephenson, weighing cucumbers for her customer. - Photo by Tamara Bailey

Tamara Bailey, Gleaner Writer

Manchester, Jamaica

With what was described as the worst drought ever experienced in the summer of 2014, farmers and vendors alike are now extremely grateful for a return to the 'glory days' - with an increase in stock and shoppers to the market.

"Oh gosh man, me happy, cause di drought deh, if it did stay no longer, we wuda dead ...; you may have one and two tings weh still short but overall, we back to business di right n propa way," expressed a vendor in the Mandeville Market.

For some vendors, all items could be found but the shoppers were few because of the price increases that had to be made during the drought.

"Some people never had all the items, while others did and so you know when things nuh in abundance the price ago go up. And when the price go up, then you not really going to have that much people coming in," expressed Melvina, a vendor.

With some items seeing an increase of more than 100 per cent, during the drought, most if not all items are now back to regular pricing.

"Everybody have stuff now, some more than others. And when tings wagga wagga, you know you haffi lower the price."

Price has dropped on items including:

(1) Tomatoes from $200 per lb to $60 per lb

(2) Sweet peppers from $200 per lb to $50 per lb

(3) Cabbage from $150 per lb to 60 per lb

(4) Carrots from $200 per lb to $50 per lb

"Scallion is still going for $200 per lb, as that has not been lowered. We nuh have as much thyme, and sweet potatoes could be more, but especially for the Christmas rush, everything that is normally bought, we have dem here now," Expressed vendor Lorraine Stephenson.