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Heavy rain leaves several Portland, St Mary roads impassable

Published:Monday | December 15, 2014 | 5:19 PM
A fallen tree in Black Hill, Portland which restricted vehicular traffic for more than two hours - Gareth Davis Photo
The inundated roadway near Long Wall at Boundbrook - Gareth Davis Photo
Motorists negotiate a flooded West Street in Port Antonio, where a $1.8 billion water, drainage, and sewerage project is ongoing - Gareth Davis Photo

Heavy rains in the past 48 hours eastern sections have left several roadways in Portland and St Mary impassable or reduced to single lane traffic.

The National Works Agency (NWA) says the Mount Pleasant main road located off the Fort George to Cumsee roadway in St Mary is blocked and there is no alternative route.

The agency says personnel and equipment have been dispatched to effect clearance.

The NWA is warning motorists not to attempt to cross the ford along the San Side to Palmetto Grove main road because the Negro River is in spate.

In Portland, there is breakaway along the Hope Bay to Chips Hall main road in the vicinity of an area called ‘Ring' just outside the Swift River community.

The NWA says a major breakaway which occurred along the Church Hill Corner to Muir Park roadway in Bybrooke last week has been cleared but recent rains is causing landslides to recur at that location.

The NWA is advising motorists to proceed with caution as the roadways are slippery and wet.

It says equipment and personnel are at some of these locations where single lane access has been restored but the rain is posing a difficulty for total clearance.

Long Wall near Bryan's Bay in the vicinity of Coronation Bakery and Port Antonio High school, was left inundated for more than six hours, making that stretch of road impassable to small vehicles.

Mayor of Port Antonio, Benny White, said a drain in the area was blocked, resulting in approximately 800 meters of roadway being inundated.

"The continuous practice of dumping garbage in that drain is now affecting us," said White.

- Gareth Davis contributed to this story

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