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CPJ - a pioneer in the hospitality and retail industry

Published:Wednesday | December 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Opposition spokesperson on Local Government, Shahine Robisinson makes a point during yesterday's Gleaner Editors' Forum held at the company's office in Kingston yesterday. Mrs. Robinson says the Contractor General's Act needs more teeth.

I AM pleased to join the myriad of well-wishers and stakeholders in the tourism industry in particular, in saluting Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ) as it marks 20 years of innovation, dynamism and success.

There is no doubt that despite the many challenges, the CPJ family has had to confront, over the years, the entity's extraordinary capacity to adapt, reposition itself, and skilfully navigate the vicissitudes of the market economy. These have been the hallmark of its existence.

Indeed, the most compelling test and affirmation of CPJ's corporate mettle is manifested by, and found in, its unwavering commitment to the tourism industry and the emphasis it places on business innovation and good corporate citizenry.

With a brand and tourism product as potent and widely acclaimed as ours in Jamaica, it is so easy to revel in the vast success the industry as a whole enjoys, without adequately recognising, or overlooking altogether, the remarkable contribution industry partners like CPJ make to the overall effort.

I am especially delighted, therefore, that by way of this commemorative newspaper supplement, we have this opportunity to specially recognise CPJ - a pioneer in the hospitality and retail industry - celebrate its achievement over the years, and reaffirm its place in the tourism and brand Jamaica narrative.

Stakeholders at home and abroad readily appreciate the important role the tourism industry plays in our economic recovery effort and our overall development pursuits. It is for this reason that they are firmly onboard through advocacy, patronage and other forms of partnership in ensuring that destination Jamaica and, in turn, industry players like CPJ get that appreciable share of the coveted tourism pie.

I have every confidence that over the next 20 years and beyond, CPJ will continue playing a lead role in unlocking the potential of destination Jamaica and, most important, set us apart from competitor destinations through innovation in offerings and vacation experience as we meet and exceed the expectations of our visitors.

Shahine Robinson

Opposition Spokesperson on

Tourism & Cruise Shipping