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Sales slow in Mandeville

Published:Wednesday | December 24, 2014 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

VENDORS IN Mandeville complained on Monday that business is slow in the parish capital and Christiana, noting that they hope things will improve at Grand Market today.

"The shopping is so poor, everybody just looking and asking questions. They may want to buy, but they end up leaving before making a purchase. Even when the stuff are cheap... some say dem nuh get no money yet, and others say you don't have what they need; but to be honest, every vendor is experiencing the same ting, whether dem sell food, clothes or household item...but mek wi see wha a go happen Grand Market," Shereen Moore, a vendor in Mandeville Park told The Gleaner on Monday.

Another vendor, who requested anonymity, said the international business owners are taking away from what they would normally earn.

"We are hopeful that Grand Market will be a little brighter because some people get money from families overseas and choose that day to do their shopping. However, it will not be enough to undo the slow periods. Steady jobs equal steady income and more shoppers. There are no jobs, so you know what that means," said vendor Naphtali, who plies her wares in Mandeville.

While stores are filled to capacity, some people are cashing in on basic items.

"I don't normally do an extravagant shopping," said Sherran, a shopper.

"I just do basic food shopping... there is no money for people to spend elaborately and people are wising up, bills have to take priority with the little that is being made."